Yolanda Foster Weighs In On Her “Dramatic” Will Announcement! She Did Not Intend To Frighten Her Kids #RHOBH

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Yolanda Foster_RHOBH

You’ll be shocked to know that Yolanda Foster’s blog centers on her illness this week. The Lemon-Lyme goddess of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has done a lot of reflecting over the holidays. But first, she gives us a glimpse into how she spent Christmas with her family.

“We had a beautiful, quiet, no gifting, no stress Christmas; we cooked, ate too much, and played lots of games. Our family tradition of handwritten letters to each other is the one thing I keep close    to my heart… The holidays come and go so quickly–this break from my disciplined routine is a treat.”

It’s a big difference from Christmas last year:

“Last Christmas I was fighting for my life, hospitalized until the day before Christmas, and headed for the worst six months of this four-year journey. The show tonight took me back to early    summer when I felt so much fear of the unknown. I had just done the Adipose Stem Cell treatment, which was a much bigger procedure then I had imagined.”

Now, Yolanda brings on the anger, albeit in her passive aggressive, pseudo-spiritual kind of way.

“I am trying to watch the show with an open heart and no judgement of anyone in it as I choose to share my journey… Only those who have experienced an invisible illness can identify with my    journey. Losing my brain function and the ability to participate in life made me lose my identity. I had no choice but to buckle down, surrender, and connect to the deepest part of my soul. Only in  solitude could I hear the little bit of my spirit that was still alive and willing to fight.”

Though it exhausted her, Yolanda is glad she brought Erika Jayne into the group.

“Trying to participate and integrate my girlfriend Erica in the group was a challenge. Watching this segment made be realize how much progress I have made since then, and for that I am grateful.”

She gives still-husband, David Foster, credit for saving her life and talks about the removal of her breast implants.

“Last June, David woke up one morning and said, “We are not doing any more treatments until you get a full body scan.” That scan probably saved my life, as doctors found free-floating silicone  under my left arm pit, under my right clavicle bone, and under my rib cage. None of these findings changed my late stage Lyme disease diagnosis, but it was a good explanation of why three years  of hard work had not paid off yet.”

In this week’s episode, Yolanda mentioned her will to the children and asked her to take care of her Dutch mother should anything happen to Yolanda during the surgery.

“Seeing their faces tonight broke my heart. I did not intend to have such a dramatic moment, and discussing a will is obviously a very uncomfortable discussion to be had at anytime. I was afraid    and had put off the awkward and uncomfortable conversation until the last night before my surgery. I needed to do my living will and put my business affairs in order for my children and my family  that I support in Holland.”

Yolanda now regrets her implants and all that Botox.

“Looking back, what was I ever thinking putting breast implants or the poison of Botox in my so perfectly healthy body? The truth is I wasn’t thinking but rather brainwashed by society’s perception   of what a perfect woman should look like…”

The same perception that she once extolled as a model? That same ideal her daughters now flaunt as they walk in Mommy’s footsteps?

Yolanda talks about gratitude and facing the future.

“Whatever happened over these past couple of years, I am thankful for where it brought me; I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. Obviously I had hoped to share with you a more glamorous journey,    but these are the cards life dealt me, and even though you see me struggle, you will never see me quit.”

So, do you think she was right to bring up the will with the kids? And wasn’t there a doc in LA who could perform the surgery? So many questions, I hope by the end of the season, we’ll have some answers.


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