Ruby Tuesday in Times Square Wants to Charge You $1,699 to Eat on New Year’s Eve

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It’s that same old dilemma we encounter every year: what to do for New Year’s Eve. For those of us who procrastinate, our choices are limited. As you know, restaurants get booked months in advance. Clubs are packed tighter than Phaedra Parks’ ass in a pair of Spanx.

If you live in NYC, you could stand in the middle of Times Square and freeze your balls off while you watch the big one drop. But for those looking for the comfort of electric heat and watered down booze, unless you’ve already made plans, you’d normally be out of luck. Not this year, kids! See, the chain restaurants want you to come and spend New Year’s Eve with them. And they’re offering deals, deals, deals. Well, sort of—if you don’t mind taking out a second mortgage. Eonline has broken it down for us. Here are a few choices.

Like your shrimp boiled? Fried? Sautéed? Then head over to the Times Square Bubba Gump and you, too, can drop $799 clams for a meal. Yep, overpriced, overcooked shrimp at such a bargain. Or take a jaunty walk down the street to Buca di Beppo. Stuff yourself with pasta and ring in the new year for a mere $999. (Which, just so you know, cost more than my first car.) If you’re penny-pinching after Christmas, Olive Garden, where they treat you like family, can help a bitch out, for a price. $400 will get you into the buffet line that will not, I repeat not, include breadsticks. What the hell, Olive Garden?!

Finally, and this one is going to hurt, you can schlep on down to Ruby Tuesday, sling back a few cocktails and nosh on some appies. For the privilege sampling tempura green beans, they’ll charge you a whopping $1699. Hey, your bills can wait until February, right? This is New Year’s Eve, people.

So tell us, would you pay such outrageous fortune to park yourself at a chain eatery? Even if it is NYC on NYE? 


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