Damage Control! Eileen Davidson Explains Her Intention Was Not To Throw Lisa Rinna Under The Bus

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Eileen Davidson_RHOBH

Eileen Davidson, soap opera diva and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, regrets talking about Lisa Rinna to Yolanda Foster during last night’s episode and explains in her Bravo blog that she “misunderstood” the conversation with the ladies.

The purpose was to introduce Erika Girardi to the ladies, but when Yolanda Foster mentions she heard about big-mouth Taylor Armstrong questioning her illness at Ken’s 70th birthday party, Eileen “assumed” they were talking about the Munchausen conversation with Lisa R. and “went into damage control.” You know what happens when you ass-u-me something. Eileen wrote,

“Lisa R. is out of town and hasn’t gotten to talk and apologize to Yo yet. So I felt it was my job, as both of their friends, to explain. I’m not sure if you know this about me yet, but I like getting things out in the open and resolved! Just ask my husband. He LOVES that about me…as long as I do it after 9:00 AM. But, please believe me, if I had known Yo was only hearing what Taylor had said, I would have never brought it up. Especially when I saw how uncomfortable this information made her. I would have left that convo for Lisa R. to have. My only intention was to help. So why do I feel like I’ve only stoked the fire? Or started a new one?” 

Maybe because you have. And when Yolanda said the first time she didn’t want to talk about it, the topic should have been changed. And let’s face it, talking about Erika’s sex life is far more interesting – sort of. Eileen continues to try and explain her shock over the revelation that Bella and Anwar have also been diagnosed with Lyme disease, and takes a slight dig at Yo’s excessive Instagram postings – which is what Taylor was originally commenting on.

“I don’t think anyone saw it coming when Yolanda dropped the bombshell about Bella and Anwar being diagnosed with Lyme. This new information is all coming out, and the other ladies and I are now just trying to get everything straight. It does shed more light on Yolanda’s fight; she’s not just battling for her health, but for the health of her children. I think her raising awareness of this disease, through whatever outlet (cough cough Instagram) or just being so raw and open about her struggles on the show, makes more sense than ever before.”

During the episode, Eileen did some damage control by live tweeting, however, those tweets were posted before the “misunderstood” scene.

In conclusion, Eileen asks the bigger question, “Is the universe trying to tell me something? Maybe the desire to have everything out in the open isn’t always the smartest move. But I do feel inherently that communication and understanding are the foundation of any healthy relationship. It’s either one of my best qualities, or one of my worst. I’m starting to wonder…”


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