Dark Flashback! Dina Manzo Tries To Gain Exposure By Posting Teresa Giudice Kiss-up Videos

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Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo

Teresa Giudice has morphed from a numbered inmate to the most popular gal in town…just ask Dina Manzo. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is back in the saddle, and Dina Manzo posted a couple of old videos on her Instagram page, to honor the woman of the hour. 

The  ‘Haute Hostess’ videos were originally shown right before Teresa checked into Danbury. Would Teresa actually appreciate being reminded of such a dark period in her life? Dina Manzo’s taste level reads the same, whether it involves home decor, or an attempt to suck up to a quasi-celebrity…tacky, gauche, and just plain bad. The videos feature the Jersey duo demonstrating a few New Year’s Eve party tips, and sharing their resolutions for 2015. 


Dina seems to have taken a break from her home wrecking existence to make reality hay while the Bravo sun shines. 

Will Bravo see Dina’s obvious motives, and toss her an appearance bone or two? How do you think Teresa feels about the tacky and contrived flashback?   


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