Yolanda Foster Doesn’t Blame The Wives For Debating Her Health Issues #RHOBH

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Yolanda Foster is going through some tough times on this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her sickness, whatever that may be, has taken its toll on her life and marriage. But some of the other ladies are beginning to question the validity of her diagnosis. As much as Yolanda likes to claim she’s full of forgiveness, light, and grace, her blog spends an awful lot of time delivering passive aggressive jabs at the other ladies.

“As tonight’s show previews aired I received an outpouring of messages from girlfriends enraged at the story and what was said. …but I am not enraged or affected anymore by what I have learned to see as human nature and the weak side of it.”

For someone who’s not affected, she seems terribly bothered by Lisa Rinna’s Munchausen comments.

“…it seems in today’s world your word isn’t good enough anymore so even though I should not have to prove my case, I’m not afraid to do so. I will move on from the absurd Munchausen comment that is an insult to my integrity and that of my two children who battle this disease on a daily basis.”

But hey, she forgives Lisa. Totally. Even though she intimates that Lisa is a lemming—as well as being weak, negative, and unspiritual.

Rinna is right. She’s only human and it takes a compassionate and confident woman to hold ground under social pressure – it’s so much easier to take the common road and get on board the train of the misinformed and the doubtful. The negative. Few people have the ability to stay firm when they’re not educated or spiritually centered and not feed into the negativity otherwise known as gossip. I don’t blame Rinna, Kyle or LVDP – I understand it and feel sorry to see my battle be such a point of weakness for them.”

Ouch! But that’s not all.

“I do wonder though why these adult women sit around drinking wine in the afternoon debating another person’s health issues? As much as I wished they cared enough to learn and ask questions, I must blame it on and assume it’s “ignorance”.”

On top of that, St. Yolanda isn’t sitting around counting her coins and flogging some cheesy product. She’s helping save the world, people!

“I’m probably the only Housewife in the entire franchise that uses this platform to bring awareness in the world rather than just money in my pocket.”

Yolanda stands beside those Instagram photos, too. So take that, Taylor Armstrong.

“I will continue to relish in each good day…and if I get an inch of feeling good…you better believe I’m going to take a mile! If my Instagram photos and how I choose to communicate myself through social media is confusing to you…unfollow me. I share genuinely in the way that feels right in my heart and if on any given day…I want to put my hands up in the air and show strength…I will.”

Yolanda finally stops busting the other ladies’ balls long enough to clear up a few rumors about her soon to be ex, David Foster.

“There has been a lot of speculation and claims about David and I that are simply untrue. David has been one of the guiding lights in my journey and even though we ran out of steam I will never allow anyone to discredit his persistence and commitment to my healthcare – I am eternally grateful.”

Though she remains heartbroken over the demise of her marriage, Yolanda chooses to remember the good times. 

“As you can imagine it is quite surreal to watch my husband and I, six months back in time and fast forwarding to where we are today. It feels like a roller coaster of emotions and appreciation for all the good we once shared.”

So, do you think the other women deserved Yolanda’s smack down? Or are their doubts justified?


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