RECAP: Love & Hip Hop New York “What’s Poppin” The Fight For DJ Self Turns Physical [Season 6, Episode 3]

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Wannabe rappers, explosive love triangles, and Rich has a daughter? We’re on episode 3, and NYC jam packed with Love & Hip Hop New York drama, drama, drama! So much to keep up with! We left off with the confrontation between Tara, Amina, and Peter. Amina exploded on both Peter and Tara. The saga continues. Amina is so pissed off. She’s sick of Peter going back and forth between his 2 lovers. She says he even has them living in the same building so he can have them whenever he wants. Amina says if he wants to be with Tara go ahead because she’s done. Don’t forget her pregnancy announcement. Tara’s not surprised. She says getting pregnant is another way for Amina to keep Peter around. Peter conveniently disappears while Tara and Amina yell at eachother. Tara says Amina wants her life so badly. That’s why she keeps getting pregnant. Amina calls Tara the sidebitch. A cookie goes to Amina for pointing out how Peter’s nothing but a lying cheater.


DJ Self is trying to get himself out of the doghouse. He takes his girlfriend Yorma  out to an apology dinner. He even buys her flowers. DJ Self says he doesn’t want to lose Yorma over something stupid like the cleaning lady leaving her ring behind. He hopes this romantic dinner will put them back on the straight and narrow. Yorma says she’s ready to hear what Self has to say. He says he’s ready to man up and he’s ready to take Yorma out in public. Self says he has the perfect opportunity to show Yorma it’s all in her head. He offers to take Yorma to Mariah Lynn’s  party. Yorma asks if this is going public with their relationship. Self says “I guess so.” They toast to their new and improved relationship.


Moe is still pissed about the blow up with Rah the other night. She’s convinced BBOD needs new management. She reaches out to Yandy. Moe hopes sitting down with Yandy gives her an opportunity to explain her side of the “Gwininfest showdown.” Moe admits she was wrong for poppin’ off. Yandy explains there are certain protocols and rules you follow at events. Yandy says when she saw the BBOD girls leaving with Rah Ali she smiled and shook her head. It takes experience to take a group from the bottom to the top. Yandy says they need an experienced manager in their corner. Moe says what Yandy says solidified what she already knew. Rah is a “thirsty bitch” looking for a come up. Moe says they need to get together with Lexxi, and talk about Yandy possibly working with them.

Oh Mariah Lynn. Constantly showing off her rapping skills, and getting validation from DJ Self. DJ Self says she sounds good in the studio, but she still has a lot of development to do as an artist. Basically he said she sucked at Gwininfest. DJ Self gives his advice, and Mariah says she’s taking it seriously. The next Gwininfest she promises to knock it out of the park. DJ Self asks Mariah about her upcoming birthday party. Rich Dollaz is hosting. When Self asks her about her relationship with Rich, she says they dated on and off for a year. She says ladies never kiss and tell, but “Rich Dollaz knows Mariah Lynn very well.” She admits he likes to get his “Mariah Lynn on,” and when she’s looking for fun they hook up. He’s been with other chicks, but that doesn’t bother her. He’s single now, and that makes him a great host for her birthday party.


Cardi walks into the studio while Mariah and DJ Self are discussing her relationship with Rich. Cardi thinks she was invited so DJ Self can listen to her music. She’s putting her heart and money into this, so she needs to get this show on the road. She wants his opinion because he’s one of the hottest DJ’s in the city. Self introduces the women. Mariah compliments Cardi’s features. Cardi gets jealous, and her claws come out. She wonders why he invited her when he has Mariah in the studio. Self says Cardi is getting into music too. Mariah asks why she wasn’t at Gwininfest. Cardi thinks he doesn’t believe in her music. Apparently she’s not playin’ with his ass anymore. Before Mariah leaves she invites Cardi to her birthday party. Self is alarmed. His sidebitch and girlfriend in the same location is trouble. He wants to make sure Cardi is busy. She gives him a hard time about not believing in her. Self says he respects her as an artist, but you don’t mix business with pleasure.

Remy Ma and Papoose are all dressed up. They meet Yandy and Mendeecees for dinner or drinks. Yandy says Remy and Mendeecees go way back, but they haven’t had a chance to catch up since she was released from prison. Yandy thinks Remy can give Meneecees some perspective now that he’s facing jail time. She’s also interested in what Remy’s been up to now that she’s back in the game. Yandy  gives Remy a hard time about releasing new music. Remy says they made a plan when she was locked up. She was going to release new music as soon as possible, but now that she’s released she wants to spend time with family and friends. Remy describes how difficult it was for her son after she was released. He says he knows she did the best she could, but when he’s mad he rubs it in her face. Mendeecees hears Remy. He wants to make sure his bond with his kids is strong before he goes to prison. Mendeecees says after he got out of jail he had to get to know his kids again. Mendeecees reflects on how far his family has come. He knows the kids won’t understand why he’s leaving. It’s stressful. Remy and Mendeecees bond over their significant others not understanding they can’t live for the moment. Yandy hears what Remy’s saying, and she understands he can’t live in the moment. She wants to make sure he knows she has his back no matter what.


Moe says Rah trying to convince Lexxi to go solo says she doesn’t believe in BBOD. After talking to Yandy she’s convinced they need a real manager. Rah isn’t the right manager. She meets Lexxi at the park. Moe says they have a lot to talk about. Lexxi says that’s an understatement. The way Moe and Rah bickered made them look like clowns. Moe resents Rah’s favortism. Lexxi calls Moe out. She says they need to work it out with Rah so they can move forward. She says Moe could’ve texted Rah, and worked it out, but pride got in the way. Moe says she didn’t text Rah because she was busy meeting with Yandy. Moe calls Lexxi unloyal. Moe says Yandy thinks Rah isn’t the right person to manage them. Lexxi says they need to meet with Rah and hash it out. Moe says she’s willing to entertain a conversation, but her mind is already made up. Rah isn’t right for BBOD.


Mendeecees meets with young people from the community to share his message. He hopes his message convinces them not follow the same path he did. He says the streets raised him. He’s facing twenty years. He doesn’t wish that on his worst enemy. Mendeecees has a very difficult conversation with his oldest son. It’s heartbreaking.

Amina is beside herself after Peter humiliated her again. She thought hearing the truth would make her feel better. It made her feel worse. Luckily her twin sister is visiting from Germany. Amina tries explaining her reason for letting Tara move into the building. Amina tearfully explains what went down with Peter. Peter moved out before Amina could kick him to the curb. Jazz asks about Peter coming home. Amina can’t take him back. Amina says there’s another problem. She’s pregnant. She doesn’t want another baby with a man who doesn’t want her or the baby. Amina tearfully says she’s trying to get away from Peter. She doesn’t want to have another baby with him. Jazz says she’s supportive no matter what Amina decides.


BBOD is practicing their performance in the studio. Rah meets them to hopefully has everything out. Lexxi plays peacemaker. Moe drops the I met with Yandy bomb. Rah says she took their house issues outside, and that’s disloyal. Rah is offended. She quits.

It’s sentencing day for Mendeecees. He knows he may not come home. He wants to make sure his family knows he loves them no matter what. Yandy says Mendeecees spent enough time away from his family. She realizes this may be the beginning of the new normal. She prays the judge sees how Mendeecees has changed. He needs to be home with his wife and kids.


Mariah Lynn’s birthday party has arrived. Everyone showed up including DJ Self, and his girlfriend Yorma. He wants to show Yorma he’s serious about their relationship. He checked Cardi’s Instagram. He knows she has an event, so he’s safe. DJ Self introduced Yorma and Mariah. Rich Dollaz has to make his appearance. He says he’s just friends with Mariah. He made that deal with his daughter last week. No women. Rich bans all business from Mariah’s party. Mariah makes her move on Rich. Carpe diem.


Speaking of Carpe diem, Cardi walks into the party. Mariah knows Self isn’t going to be happy with Cardi’s arrival, so Yorma and Cardi better stay at opposite sides of the club. Cardi sees Self with Yorma. She says she’s going to handle it “Cardi style.Yorma and Cardi start the smack talking. Then it turns physical.


Cardi B _LHHNY

The catfight will continue next week.  


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