#LHHNY Showdown! Cardi B Comes Face to Face with DJ Self’s Girlfriend Yorma [VIDEO]

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Tonight the sh*t is going to hit the fan in the messy Love & Hip Hop New York love triangle between DJ Self, Cardi B and Yorma!

Just to recap, during last week’s episode of LHHNY, viewers got a brief introduction of the trio and the unique relationship DJ Self shares with each one. On tonight’s episode, both side chicks girlfriends come face-to-face. Yikes! And while Cardi B might be a fan favorite, not everyone is feeling homegirl.

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Cardi B shows up to celebrate her friend, Mariah Lynne’s, birthday but when Cardi bumps into her boo Self with Yorma, naturally, Cardi has some questions. Well they both ladies have questions and Self has some splainin’ to do. Yorma wants to know “what’s up with this chick?” and Cardi thinks it’s riiilll “interesting” that this is Self’s “girl.” Dang! How is Self going to sweet talk his way out of this one?

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Check out an exclusive preview of episode three below.

Don’t miss the Cardi B and Yorma showdown on an all-new Love & Hip Hop NY, Monday at 8|7c on VH1!


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