Reconciliation or Holiday Snub! Kathy Hilton Shuts Kyle Richards Out of Family Celebration #RHOBH

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Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick & Kathy Hilton

The dysfunctional Richards women celebrated the holidays by carrying on their well practiced, cat and mouse family dance. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, and sisters Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton continue to force a portrayal of a united sisterhood, while several shared holiday photos tell a different story.   

Kim Richards posted a holiday photo of her family, featuring her smiling grown children. Kim’s niece, Paris Hilton, also shared a family pic with her mom, Kathy Hilton, and her Aunt Kim.

The Richards holiday get-together looked like a cozy affair, but one person appears missing from the photo session. Where is Auntie Kyle? Kathy appears to be continuing the freeze-out with her baby sis, and alleged family blabbermouth, Kyle Richards. Kyle’s daughter, Farrah, was snapped at the party with cousins Nicky and Paris, along with Kim’s daughter and third cousin, Brooke Brinson

Kathy’s beef with Kyle spilled onto the Bravo cameras, as viewers watched the Umansky family divided over attending the family wedding of Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild. The diss was partially explained away by blaming a business feud between Mauricio and Rick Hilton, however that doesn’t  explain Kyle being disinvited, nor the teen Umansky girls being frozen out. Kyle and Kathy were later seen attending Kris Jenner’s Christmas party, and posed for a photo together. Kyle posted the pic on her Instagram page.

Was this photo Kyle’s lame attempt to portray a united family front? Do I see Faye Resnick forcing the sisters together, in a waist-clamping grip? Some are calling the photo proof of a sisterly reconciliation, but I don’t buy it. I believe that Kyle has broken free of Kathy’s grip, and the dark-hearted matriarch is snubbing back. 

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