Eileen Davidson Weighs in On The “Munchausen Silliness” #RHOBH

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In the land of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen Davidson, soap opera diva that she is, is the most down to earth ‘Housewife.’ She’s packs lunches and makes smoothies and runs around like a maniac in the morning like every other mom I know. And then there’s her husband, Vince Van Patten. Vince seems to have a pretty breezy life. Race tracks. Poker games. Going to the beach on the spur of the moment. And now he doesn’t want to hear anything negative before 9a.m. Must be nice.

“Fifteen years of being together, and my husband still makes me want to laugh and murder him at the same time…Most days before 9 a.m. I’ve already worked out, memorized my lines, made breakfast, packed lunch, taken Jesse to school, and gotten on the road to work.”

Eileen isn’t the only one who juggles work with motherhood. This week, Kyle took her daughters to get their ears pierced. There was so much commotion, you’d think those girls were having major surgery without anesthesia.

“Mostly, I’ve only had experience with raising boys. And it is definitely different. Watching the ear-piercing debacle…wow! For a moment I thought I was on set. I haven’t seen that much drama EVER, and drama is what I do for a living!”

But Eileen tries to keep her kids grounded.

“…we want to give our kids everything. But giving them everything also means rules, curfews, and reality checks. We all want to instill good values in our kids, but you can’t ignore those undeveloped frontal lobes.”

Now that Yolanda and David Foster have announced their divorce, seeing Yolanda cuddle and coo with her hubs made for awkward viewing. Eileen agrees.

“…it was hard to watch them in this episode. They seemed very in love and supportive of one another at that time. It’s sad to see how much of a toll this illness has taken on her quality of life. And also their relationship.”

And when it came to Lisa Rinna questioning the severity of Yolanda’s illness, Eileen is pragmatic as ever.

“In terms of the Munchausen silliness, from what I had seen, Lisa R. had engaged in a conversation that she felt was ugly. My advice to Lisa R. was, and still is, if she feels bad about being involved in it, just own it. Humans make mistakes. Talk to Yo about what happened and apologize.”

So what’s your take on Vince? Do you see him the way I do, as a middle-aged teenager or should I cut him some slack?


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