Boring! Kim Fields Defends Her Actions In Miami “I No Longer Felt Safe”

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Does Kim Fields realize she’s on a reality show? Did she ever watch an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta before she signed the contract? Apparently, Kim doesn’t know that when sh*t goes down, a ‘Housewife’ doesn’t pack her bags and leave. She stays and hashes it out, talking about it repeatedly in front of the camera—for us, the viewers.

In this week’s Bravo blog, Kim’s low tolerance for drama is evident. Her response to the Miami trip is curt and to the point. For instance, her take on what happened when Tammy McCall Browning was flung to the ground by her inebriated nephew, Glen Rice Jr., “I felt bad for them.”

Care to elaborate on that, Kim?


Kim doesn’t expound on her reasons for leaving the house that night either, “Like I said on the show, I no longer felt safe, which is not an option for me.”

It’s like pulling teeth, people. So what about Kim’s lunch with Kenya, where she accused Kenya of amping up the situation with Glen?

“I didn’t have any issues to talk through. She and I took time to discuss a situation we have our own perspectives on; when I felt clarity was needed from me on something specific, I gave it. I stand by what I said on the show, my perspective and my actions.”

What’s your opinion? Is Kim a dud or is she the Greek chorus, speaking the truth? Will she last a second season?


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