Phaedra Parks Says Kenya Moore Provoked Glen Rice Jr. & Compares The Blowout to ‘Black Lives Matter’ Campaign

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the trip to Miami took a bad turn when Tammy McCall Browning’s nephew, Glen Rice Jr. was asked to leave the property. Instead of packing it in, he threw his auntie to the ground and knocked her unconscious. Phaedra Parks stayed by Tammy’s side until the ambulance arrived.

“Everything happened very fast. One moment we were all having fun and in a split second things took a disastrous turn. …when I saw Tammy on the ground, I sprung into EMT mode and went to help her. I took her pulse, checked her breathing, and determined she did not need CPR…”

Phaedra blames Kenya Moore for what went down because Kenya demanded that Glen get out of the house. She felt he was too aggressive, making her and some of the other ladies uncomfortable. Glen, who came equipped with a bad attitude and an intolerance for alcohol, decided to get violent rather than leave.

“While Glen’s behavior and actions were clearly unacceptable, seeing him provoked into a confrontational situation is a prime example of how a manageable incident can quickly escalate into a dangerous situation. …Kenya’s fears and poor communication skills turned what should have simply been an uncomfortable situation into an act of violence.”

Phaedra equated what happened with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I got emotional because all too often young black boys are in similar situations that unexpectedly and unnecessarily turn violent and result in them either being seriously hurt or killed. I was with the family of Michael Brown in Ferguson and have seen this tragedy firsthand.”

Glen literally tossed Tammy aside in an effort to get to Kenya. He even tried to step over his aunt’s prone body. The only thing that saved Kenya was the fact that the security team acted quickly to subdue him. I’m not sure how Glen’s drunken, violent behavior equates with Phaedra’s assessment of the situation.

“I do not condone violence against women — I am a woman, daughter, sister, and mother — but I equally do not condone labeling or stereotyping.”

Kim Fields agreed with Phaedra. She packed her bags and left for a hotel that night.

“Kim has never been around a group of women like this before, and Lord knows it can be troubling at times. What happened was upsetting, and I can’t fault anyone for doing whatever they felt was necessary for their safety and well-being.”

Kenya asked Glen to leave because she didn’t feel safe with him on the property. Neither did Kandi. Yet Phaedra puts this whole debacle at Kenya’s feet. So whose side are you on? Kenya or Phaedra? Or do you fall somewhere in between?


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