Yolanda Foster Fires Back at Her Costars Questioning Her Illness “That Is An Insult to My Integrity” #RHOBH

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Foster, is shutting down her costars questioning her health. After the topic of Muchausen syndrome was discussed on last night’s episode of RHOBH, Yolanda took to her Bravo blog to address the endless theories surrounding her Lyme disease.

“If I let fear of what others say about me creep into my mind, I’d probably would not be where I am today. 100 books later, and immersed in world wide research that I never thought I could process has given me a masters in being fearless and the strength to battle this epidemic called Lyme disease – it’s the power of believing in myself that’s let me come this far,” she wrote in her latest RHOBH cast blog. 

“I am inspired by my life on a day to day basis and consciously avoid stressful situations by walking away and letting go of remarks from people like the women in this group but it seems in today’s world your word isn’t good enough anymore so even though I should not have to prove my case, I’m not afraid to do so. I will move on from the absurd Munchausen comment that is an insult to my integrity and that of my two children who battle this disease on a daily basis.” 

In typical Yolanda form, she went on to detail numerous pieces of information about her personal Lyme disease diagnosis, including that she “tested positive for multiple co-infections, including Babesiosis (a malarial-like parasite) with three positive tests: this included positive Babesia titers, PCRs (DNA tests) and FISH testing (RNA testing) as well as having positive tests for other tick-borne infections including Bartonella and Q-fever,” and identified her two doctors, Dr. Richard Horowitz and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, whom she calls “the two greatest Lyme literate doctors in the world.”

The former Dutch model also addressed speculation about her divorce from soon-to-be ex husband David Foster,  

“There has been a lot of speculation and claims about David and I that are simply untrue. David has been one of the guiding lights in my journey and even though we ran out of steam I will never allow anyone to discredit his persistence and commitment to my healthcare – I am eternally grateful,” she wrote.

Most recently, Yolanda is supposedly claiming a complete recovery from the disease that has been defining her reality. The latest dish is that Yolanda has informed Bravo that she is officially on the mend, telling Andy Cohen that she is reunion-ready. Many viewers will remember that Yolanda could only film a brief portion of the reunion last season, due to claimed symptoms stemming from her struggle with Lyme disease. Behind the scenes is buzzing with claims that Foster is raring to go, and is braced to defend herself against allegations that she has been faking her illness. 


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