Kim Richards’ Interrupted While Filming New Reality Show — Monty Rushed To Hospital #RHOBH

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Kim Richards is working again!

That’s the good news. The bad news is she’s on a new family-therapy reality show and reports of laziness and drama are already trickling out. Kim and her daughter, Kimberly Jackson, will be featured on a new show along with The Hills star Heidi Montag and Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn – and they are with their mothers too. Insiders are saying there is “fighting non-stop” to look forward to.

Recently while filming, Kim learned some upsetting news about her ex-husband. “Kim was contacted by her family and told that her ex-husband Monty Brinson was rushed to the hospital” adding that Kim “…got really upset because he has been battling cancer and she was very worried about his condition. She demanded that she be allowed to use the phone to call him, even though they had been told they wouldn’t be allowed access to anyone who is not filming.”

The source said the production team decided to make an exception for Richards, due to Monte’s well known health issues. Monty posted on his Instagram page that his situation was “life or death.”

“I have had two setbacks in the last months” Monte wrote, and promised more information soon. He continued, “I’ll explain in upcoming post. I’m in the hospital. First of all the fight with lung cancer I’m beating that fight,” he wrote. “The setbacks concern life or death. Another battle I’m fighting I’m not a quitter and no matter what you go through don’t be a quitter.”

You could argue that Kim is in bad shape financially and since she’s with her daughter, this could be a good thing, but Kim’s reported $75K salary is a fraction of the $250K she was earning on RHOBH. There is no working title at this time, but it sounds like Kim will earn every penny on this show.

“She’s desperate for money. She has to take anything that comes her way and this reality show seemed like a perfect quick fix. But she’s not really doing that much on the show. She’s been lazy and she complains a lot.”

Sound off. Does this new show seem like a perfect quick fix for Kim?


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