Kenya Moore Vs. Phaedra Parks In The Miami Debacle “Phaedra Incited Anger Against Me” #RHOA

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Things got crazy violent on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week. The girls’ trip to Miami was coasting along until Tammy McCall Browning invited her nephew, Glen, back to the house. He brought his friends and his bad attitude with him. Then things went left real quick.

Some blame Kenya Moore, saying she was too quick to kick him out of the house, that she should have let Tammy handle the situation. But I’m with Kenya on this one. Tammy was so sh*t-faced, she didn’t even know her own name.

But first, let’s rewind back to the boat ride from the bar to the house.

“He came in with a chip on his shoulder, calling us “bitches and hos.” This was difficult to witness. …We were all drinking and having fun on the boat, but his first response to me snapping my fingers at him was aggressive and uncalled for.”

Once they arrived at the house and had a few drinks, Glenn’s attitude didn’t improve.

“He was then aggressive with Kandi, who is obviously pregnant. He threatened to show out “any bitches or hos try him or disrespect him,” and when politely asked to leave by Tammy, he charged at me calling me a “little bitch” and pushed his own Aunt down to the ground.”

Some of the other ladies—Phaedra, Porsha, and Kim—are putting the blame on Kenya.

“I’m astounded by Phaedra’s blatant attempt manipulate the fans and incite anger against me. … if a man is acting in a threatening and aggressive manner thereby making women feel uncomfortable, we cannot ask them to leave? According to Kim Fields if we do, we are “hitting a hornet’s nest” and “provoking” a man. …I do not have to accept a man’s abuse — physical or verbal, black or white.”

Could Kenya have asked Glen to leave in a gentler manner? Probably. But that didn’t give him any reason to go off like he did. And Kenya isn’t happy the other women don’t have her back.

“Would any of these hypocritical mothers allow their sons to talk to women that way? Would that be acceptable to them for their sons to act the way Glen did? We saw Phaedra threaten to call the police on Apollo, but according to them I was wrong to ask Glen to leave.”

And on the subject of Phaedra:

“…she has made it her mission on every episode thus far to call me a villain; making fun of my former skin condition, my dark brown skin tone, and now my preemptive actions made to protect not only her, but all of the women present.”

So now I want to know if you think Kenya was justified in telling Glen to leave? Did she provoke him or do the right thing?


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