Cured! Yolanda Foster Tells Bravo She’s No Longer Suffering From Lyme Disease #RHOBH

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Yolanda Foster_RHOBH

It’s a Beverly Hills Christmas miracle! 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Foster is supposedly claiming a complete recovery from the crushing disease that has been defining her reality. The latest dish is that Yolanda has informed Bravo that she is officially on the mend, telling Andy Cohen that she is reunion-ready. Many viewers will remember that Yolanda could only film a brief portion of the reunion last season, due to claimed symptoms stemming from her struggle with Lyme disease. Behind the scenes is buzzing with claims that Foster is raring to go, and is braced to defend herself against allegations that she has been faking her illness.  

Supposedly, Yolanda is feeling SO much stronger, she is ready to take on the women with gusto, feeling stronger than she has in months. Could this revival have anything to do with the royal divorce announcement? Reports have recently surfaced alleging that even David believes that Yolanda has been hyping her condition for attention. 

The cast scrutiny is also heating up, after Taylor Armstrong called out Yolanda’s odd Instagram posts, where the Bravo beauty is seen striking poses, vein-deep in various treatments. Foster was angered by Taylor’s insinuations, and took to her blog to sound off.   

“What I saw on the show tonight was…IGNORANCE. Maybe it should anger me, but instead it makes me want to fight harder and speak louder for those whose voices can’t be heard. Before being a Housewife and suffering from a chronic illness, I was a Super Mom.”

Is Yolanda done being a weak victim, and is moving on with a new persona?  This season’s reunion may reveal a brand new Yolanda.  What do you think triggered her timely comeback?    


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