Kyle Richards Explains Why The Kim Richards’ Gossip Made Her Uncomfortable #RHOBH

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards has been neck deep in family drama from the jump. This season, she was uninvited to niece, Nicky Hilton’s, wedding. Then she was re-invited, but that invitation didn’t extend to husband Mauricio or two of her children. Kyle explains her reason for leaving them behind.

“I’m sure it’s confusing to some of you as to why I attended the wedding without my husband and two kids. … My husband is the one who pushed me to go. He kept telling me that I will never get that moment back. …It was not an easy decision to say the least. But with the urging and support of my girls and Mauricio, I went.”

This week, we saw Lisa Rinna trying to navigate through waters teeming with teenage girls who smell weakness like a shark smells blood. Kyle can relate.

“…My girls also say to me “my friends don’t have curfews,” and I always say the same thing that Lisa said: “I’m not their Mom and I don’t care. Maybe I love you more.” Haha! Raising teens is a challenge–that’s for sure.”

When Kyle met up with Lisa R. and Eileen Davidson, talk turned to Kim Richards’ struggle with sobriety.

“…I am not my sister’s keeper and had no desire to discuss what was going on with her with two people that are not close to her or her friends. I love Eileen and Lisa, but it felt wrong. …Watching Lisa Rinna speak against my sister Kim in her interview upset me. …This is precisely why I didn’t want to discuss Kim with her at all.”

All About the Tea_real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-season6

Then the ladies discussed Yolanda’s ongoing health issues.

“At this time Yolanda was trying to figure out what else she could have that could be making her Lyme Disease symptoms even worse due to her compromised immune system. She was looking at every possibility…Like the fillings in her teeth or silicone poisoning. It seemed like everyone was trying to troubleshoot what could possibly be making Yolanda feel so bad.”

Moving onto Lisa Vanderpump’s birthday party for husband, Ken:

“The hats were a great touch, and it really did make me feel like we were all in an English garden.”

Then the ladies all took to the pool, splashing in fully clothed.

“It was all fun and games until Ken was thrown in the pool. He had just had surgery and still had stitches in his hip. It was actually very scary. We all screamed and swam to Ken who at first seemed to just sink. As we lifted him up he seemed disoriented.”

Ultimately, he was fine and seemed to enjoy the ladies’ attention.

So what’s your take on Kyle attending Nicky’s wedding without her husband and two of her girls? Did she do the right thing?

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