Amber Marchese Objects To Obamacare Denying Her Prescribed Cancer Treatments #RHONJ

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Amber Marchese_RHONJ

There’s a saying, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” Amber Marchese, retired star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is in that last group. Not only is Amber fighting breast cancer for the second time, she’s fighting mad at Obamacare and calling them out for their “subpar” treatment. While her insurance is cheaper, the star said, 

“It is way more upfront for every visit, and the out of pocket costs are in the tens of thousands. If the increased expense was the only issue, I would not have mentioned it other than how Obamacare hurts the seriously ill financially.” in her PEOPLE blog.

Amber keeps her fans apprised of her health, and typically has an upbeat attitude about her journey. Recently Amber got real honest with her fans about her experience with Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  She wrote,

“How dare this company get in these types of affairs? My husband works very hard, pays an exuberant amount of taxes to the government, pays an exuberant amount of money towards health insurance, and when I need to utilize my health insurance, I am denied.” 

During her first battle, the Marchese’s had “Cadillac insurance” however prior to her second diagnosis, they were forced to choose a different plan. Although Amber was able to see her same oncologist, the insurance company is arguing with the doctor’s treatment plan and has denied Amber’s Zometa infusions. With her second diagnosis, her doctor prescribed a year of a combination of Herceptin and Pejeta, as well as, Zometa to treat her breast cancer reoccurrence, as is consistent with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines (NCCN Guidelines). Although, the insurance company denied Zometa, Amber does receive Herceptin/Perject infusions every three weeks for six months.

“Their group of oncology nurses reviewed my case and decided AmeriHealth was going to overrule my personal oncologist, disagree with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines and no longer cover my treatment! I could pay out of pocket for this lifesaving treatment; however, we are talking tens of thousands of dollars for just one treatment!”

The insurance group wants Amber to undergo radiation, a process she finds traumatic, terrifying and humiliating.

“I have to lie very still with my arms over my head, head turned to the side, topless. Although, everyone tries to make me feel comfortable, it is just so humiliating.”

Amber explained her first experience with radiation. “I tried to hold the tears back, but I had several roll down my cheek during this process. It was hard to talk to answer any questions so I just tried to imagine running on a beach or splashing in a pool with my kids in the Bahamas. All I kept thinking was, ‘How did I get here?’ and ‘Why, just why?”‘

With an optimistic voice, Amber concluded, “I am a strong girl and really the type of person that rolls with the punches, but sometimes, just sometimes, the sadness of the situation hits me.”


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