Phaedra Parks Praises Kim Fields’ Perspective & Dishes on Her Love of Thongs

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Phaedra Parks, the self-dubbed southern belle on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, had a few things to say about the girls’ trip to Miami. First, there was the Sheree WhitfieldTammy McCall Browning confrontation at dinner. Kim Fields asked if any of this she said/she said was necessary, thus posing the philosophical debate of the season: information or instigation.

Phaedra has her own perspective.

“I thought Kim’s observation was very intuitive. Since she is new to our circle, she brings a different perspective that is refreshing…so it’s nice to have someone there who is so grounded.”

Phaedra has seen her fair share of arguments throughout the years. She’s participated in a few, too.

“…most of us have been dealing with this adolescent style behavior for some time and we are numb to it. Kim reminds us that people usually don’t do and say a lot of things we see and hear amongst our circle…”

And what about that ass-baring, held-together-by-a-few-hopeful-strings swimsuit cover up she sported on the trip?

“Everybody knows that I love a custom thong swimsuit. So when Porsha decided to plan the trip to Miami she commissioned a custom bikini for our vacation. With all of my jobsssss and responsibilities as a newly single mom, I was extremely grateful.”

Not all of us were grateful. Some of us just want you to wear some clothes.

Kim had a mother of all breakdowns in Miami. But Phaedra was there to hold her hand. She has her shady side, but she was very empathetic to Kim.

“Kim is a very sweet and sensitive lady, who loves her family to the core. She’s not used to being away from her family… All of us have gotten emotional at one time or another about something in our lives… I’m glad I was there to offer her support, and that she welcomed my advice.”

So do you think Phaedra should cover her donk or do you like it when she dares to go bare?

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