Kenya Moore Has Zero Sympathy For Kim Fields’ Breakdown “Kim Cries in Almost Every Scene” #RHOA

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For The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the trip to Miami started to get a little rocky during their first dinner. That never bodes well, does it?

But maybe it started earlier in the day. Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield were having a girl chat when Kenya spilled a little tea about Miley Cyrus doppelganger, Tammy McCall Browning. Tammy had been talking trash about Sheree to anyone who would listen. Well, we all know Sheree is not going to let that slide. So over dinner, Sheree, very calmly I might add, asked Tammy why she was talking about Sheree at all, thank you very much.

Tammy looked like a deer in headlights as she tried to dig her way out, but Kim Fields, who is not used to airing her grievances while the cameras are rolling—unless the script says Blair stole her lip gloss—tried to check Kenya for spilling said tea in the first place.

Kenya practically yawned in Tootie’s face.

“I have a hard time remembering Kim is even on the show.”

And later, when Kim had a meltdown because she missed her husband and kids (I think the pressure of being around so many strange women was getting to her), Kenya lost her sympathy.

“I’ve seen her cry in almost every scene, so no, it wasn’t surprising at all.”

Over lunch the next day, Tammy “ran into” her nephew and former Washington Wizards player, Glen Rice Jr. He and his friends decided to accompany our peaches back to the Miami mansion where they were staying. On the boat ride, Glen popped off at Kenya when she snapped her fingers in a bid to get his attention. Oh, Glen, you think you’re tough? Ha! Kenya is a pageant queen. You don’t know what tough is until you’ve been around dozens of hungry women in swimsuits vying for one crown. That is true grit, and Kenya will throw your ass overboard if you don’t check yourself.

“We were all having a great time drinking and dancing on the boat. …When Glen got angry over something so minor I thought, “Who reacts that way?” Maybe I should not have snapped my fingers, but it was clear that I wasn’t trying to insult him. I took it as a warning sign.”

So do you think Glen was out of line? And what about Kim, was she right in questioning Kenya’s motives regarding Sheree and Tammy?

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