RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “Lie, Cheat and Steal” Winner Revealed [Season 31 Finale]

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Probst recaps the season (and the final 6.) Keith is pissed. He wanted Abi to stick around. He gets in a little argument with the others who thought getting rid of her now was a good decision.  

The first Immunity Challenge of the finale. It’s day 36. Probst describes the challenge. They’re going to race, and collect a bunch of puzzle steps. Then place them in order from bottom to top. It builds a staircase. Once they reach the top, they have to complete a slide puzzle. They can only carry 1 step at a time, so if they’re wrong about the stair puzzle piece, they have to race back to find the right one. The first person to finish wins immunity and guarantees themselves a spot in the final 5. The first section is easy. The higher they go, the tougher it is. Spencer and Wentworth are neck and neck throughout the challenge. Jeremy was also close, but he got the stair puzzle pieces wrong. Spencer reaches the puzzle first followed by Wentworth and Jeremy. Kimmi reaches her puzzle in last place. (As always) Spencer stops to study the puzzle. Wentworth tries to catch up, but Spencer wins Immunity. This is Spencer’s third immunity win.  


Everyone returns to camp. They congratulate Spencer on another win. Tasha is happy Spencer won because they’ve been working together. As long as Keith and Wenworth don’t win immunity it’s all gravy. She wants Wentworth and Keith gone. Tasha’s dream final fourth is Kimmi, Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremy.


Wenworth and Kimmi are ready to make a big move. They want to tell Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha to split the votes. Then they want to get Keith onboard and vote out Spencer or Jeremy. Both huge players.  

When Kimmi and Keith go for water Kimmi approaches Keith about their plan. She describes the plan in the simplest terms. She says she’s currently aligned with Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha. They plan on splitting the votes between Keith and Wentworth because they aren’t sure about immunity idols. That leaves an opening. Keith, Kimmi, and Wentworth are voting Jeremy out. Keith is onboard with Kimmi’s masterplan. Wentworth arrives and explains she’s telling the others she’s voting for Keith, and Keith plans on telling them she’s voting for Wentworth. Wentworth is confident they have it in the bag. She doesn’t have to play her idol. She says Kimmi approached her with this plan. She knows she can’t win if she stays with Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer. Throughout the day, Wentworth and Kimmi check in to make sure operation blindside Jeremy is still in motion.  


Back at camp, Spencer sees right through Kimmi’s plan. He asks what Kimmi’s up to. Tasha is also curious. Spencer noticed Kimmi talking to Wentworth on the hammock. She’s now off with Keith. He also notices Wentworth just joined Kimmi and Keith. Spencer and Tasha start wondering if Kimmi’s about to jump ship. Tasha downplay’s Kimmi’s game. She says it makes Kimmi feel good to “play.”  

Kimmi joins Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha on the beach. Spencer says they can’t risk Wentworth and Keith having an idol. Tasha and Kimmi will vote for Keith. Jeremy and Spencer will vote for Wentworth. Spencer says they need to keep eachother informed on what they (Wentworth and Keith) might try. They all agree with the plan.  


As soon as Kimmi walks away Tasha and Spencer shake their heads. Tasha says Kimmi’s a rat. Spencer sees right through Kimmi, and figures out her plan. Spencer says they can’t split the vote. He says splitting the vote is great when you have an alliance you can trust. Jeremy says they’re just being paranoid. Kimmi isn’t planning anything. He trusts her. Jeremy sees Kimmi on the hammock and asks if she’s jumping onboard with Keith. Kimmi denies it. She says the only thing told him is she plans on voting out Wentworth. She starts getting emotional. Jeremy calms her down. He believes her. Kimmi says she doesn’t want to be on the bottom of the Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha alliance. Jeremy thinks his alliance is strong. They are worried about idols, but he thinks they have the numbers. He does think Kimmi’s “goofy,” but she’s still with them.  

Jeremy and Spencer talk about Kimmi. Spencer is still adamant they can’t split the vote. They have to vote together. Jeremy’s not so sure. He still wants to split it just in case. Spencer doesn’t think Wentworth has an idol. Jeremy says splitting the votes are safer just in case she does. Spencer says splitting the votes can cause more harm than good. Jeremy points out Spencer’s current safe status. He says Spencer has to give. He’s not giving. Spencer says Jeremy isn’t either. Spencer says they have to stick together so they can dictate how the game is played.  

The final six Tribal Council is explosive. Jeremy acknowledges there are alliances. Wentworth calls out Spencer, Tasha, Jeremy, and Kimmi. They are an alliance. Tasha says it appears that way, but she doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Kimmi believes it’s the four of them against Wentworth and Keith. Probst asks Keith how he will buy himself another day. Keith says he’ll lie, cheat, and steal. Probst asks Spencer is the idol chatter a factor in their votes? (Vote someone out before they get a chance to use their idol.) Spencer says the four of them who voted together last tribal council made a plan to split the votes. The last 24 hours changed that. Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer will vote together. Probst asks if he’s leaving Kimmi out of this on purpose. Spencer says yes. He says vote with the three of them, or draw rocks and possibly go home. Probst asks Kimmi how she feels. She’s frustrated. She talked to someone, not in their alliance, and the paranoia starts going crazy. She feels like it’s a threat. Vote with them or go home. Wentworth is also confused. Keith says there’s about to be a showdown. Spencer whispers to Wentworth, “You’re good.” Probst notices. She says she trusted Spencer last vote, and she wasn’t safe. Spencer says anyone who jumps onboard with them is good. They will go to rocks if that’s what it comes to. Kimmi says she’s a pawn. Jeremy says no one said she’s a pawn. If she votes with them she’s fine.  

Everyone votes. Jeff announces his usual if anyone wants to use their immunity idol do it now or forever hold your peace. Wenworth pulls her idol out. She says she has no clue what’s going on. She doesn’t trust anyone. Jeff confirms Wentworth has an immunity idol. Jeremy gets up. He uses his idol as well. Jeff confirms Jeremy has an immunity idol. Any votes for Wentworth and Jeremy won’t count. To say everyone (including the jury watching) is stunned would be an understatement. Jeff reads the votes. The votes are for both Wentworth and Jeremy. This is a first in 31 seasons. This has never happened. They have to re-vote. Spencer, Wentworth, and Jeremy are safe. That leaves Tasha, Kimmi, and Keith. Probst gives them a minute to scramble before they have to vote again. It was just a cluster you know what. Spencer calls Kimmi out on her plans with Wentworth and Keith. The re-vote is tied. Tasha and Kimmi got 3 votes each. A second re-vote won’t take place if Spencer, Wentworth, Jeremy, and Keith are solid on who they voted for. Of course, they were. Now the 4 of them have to come up with a unanimous decision of who they want to go. If they can’t come up with a decision, Tasha and Kimmi become safe. Keith will go. So immediately Spencer takes Tasha out of the equation. Kimmi or Keith are the only options. Keith volunteers to go because Kimmi is a mom. He takes it back after Wentworth does a little sweet talking. Kimmi is the fourteenth person voted out (and the eighth member of the jury.)

The final 5 return to camp. Spencer jokes about Tribal being “a snoozer.” Jeremy calls Tribal wild. Keith says that Tribal belongs in the record book. Keith acknowledges he’s on the outs along with Wentworth. Spencer asks Wentworth where did she find the idol. Keith says they better start looking for more idols right now. He wants a flashlight so he can search the jungle. Wentworth says she survived another Tribal thanks to her idol. Tribal didn’t go as planned. She only trusts 1 person. She’s not sure what to do next. Spencer asks Wentworth if she’s ok. She says she’s fine. She’s feeling good. It doesn’t feel good to be so close to the end, and be in so much trouble.  

Probst does a play-by-play of the last Tribal. He channeled his inner Harbaugh. (I’m a Niners Fan.) When he’s finished he says that’s another example of why Survivor is hard to win.   

Immunity Challenge number two. For today’s challenge, they’re going to race through a giant obstacle course. Along the way, they will collect bags from six stations. They will then use those pieces to solve a puzzle. First to finish wins immunity and guarantees a spot in the final 4. Wentworth takes on the hardest obstacle first. Jeremy is in the lead, but Keith and Wentworth aren’t far behind. Spencer is in the last place. Wentworth wins her second immunity! Keith knows he’s in trouble. His coffin is almost nailed shut. He promises to go down swinging.  

The castaways return to camp. Everyone congratulates Wentworth on her win. Spencer says it was a hard challenge. He says Wentworth winning immunity is exactly what Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha was trying to avoid. Keith is clearly the target now. Spencer is still paranoid about Keith having an immunity idol. The three of them have to remain strong.  

Wentworth says she has a plan. Keith trusts her. He has no choice. She wants to make a fake idol The others will think he has an idol, so one of them will go home instead. She wants Jeremy gone. She knows she’s safe. She has to look out for her only ally. Wentworth gets to work on a fake idol. She knows the idols aren’t identical. She wrapped it in a cloth from one of her idols. She hands it to Keith who promptly hides it. Wentworth says the paranoia is real. Keith opens it and examines Wentworth’s handiwork. He’s impressed. He wants one of them to see his fake idol to plant some doubt in their mind. Keith wants to scare them into doing something stupid.  

Tasha asks Jeremy how he’s feeling. Jeremy says he’s feeling funny. He says Wentworth and Keith are acting funny. Jeremy asks Tasha who she thinks they’re going to vote for. Jeremy does exactly what Keith wanted. He got paranoid about Wentworth or Keith having an idol. He’s worried. If Keith or Wentworth has an idol Jeremy thinks he’s going to be voted out. He doesn’t want to take a chance.  

Jeremy starts doing hand movements to get Keith’s attention without Tasha noticing. He mouths “Spencer.” (He wants Keith to vote for Spencer.)  Keith says “You, me, Wentworth?” Jeremy says yes. Keith says it makes sense. Spencer’s a big player. He thinks maybe Jeremy, Wentworth and Keith can make an alliance. Keith tells Wentworth what Jeremy just said. She’s intrigued. She wants Keith to keep the fake idol handy just in case. He says if things go south, he’ll pull out the idol. He’s happy he has options.  

Second Tribal Council. Jeff says when the dust settled it seems like the lines are drawn. Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha Vs. Wentworth and Keith. Wentworth says yes her back was against the wall. She had to win. Keith says it’s cut and dry. He’s going next. Jeremy confirms there’s talk one of them still has an idol. Spencer says that would change the game. Wentworth says her vote doesn’t really matter. Keith says there might be some tricks left to be played. Tasha seems to think Survivor is Big Brother. She says the theme is “Expect the Unexpected.” They vote. 2 votes for Spencer. 3 votes for Keith. Keith is the fifteenth person (Ninth member of the jury) voted out of Survivor Second Chance.  

We’ve made it to the final Immunity Challenge. For today’s challenge, one hand will be tied behind your back. On Jeff’s go, they will be a ball down a shoot. It will spiral down. They have to catch it at the bottom. At regular intervals, another ball will be added. If a ball drops, they are eliminated. The last person standing has a coveted spot at the final Tribal Council. Everyone made it. They’re up to 3 balls with no eliminations. When they get to 4 balls, Wentworth is eliminated. Tasha is eliminated second. Jeremy wins his first immunity! He gets very emotional. He says this win is for his family. Wentworth is emotional because she lost, and she’ll probably be voted out. Jeremy knows he needs to make the right decision. He wants that Million dollars.  

Spencer and Tasha are happy Jeremy won immunity. Jeremy wants to laugh and cry. He says this season is so hard. Winning immunity is a beautiful thing. He has his alliance, but now that he has the necklace all bets are off. He needs to think about who he wants to sit next to.  

Wentworth is throwing in the towel. She says, “Well guys, it’s been real.” Tasha says the only person safe is Jeremy. Tasha is hoping Jeremy sticks with his alliance and doesn’t jump ship. She hopes the relationships she’s built gets her to the final Tribal Council. Wentworth walks away. Jeremy, Tasha, and Spencer do a little celebration. Spencer does this little speech on fate.  

Spencer asks Wentworth who she’s voting for. Wentworth asks does it matter? Spencer says you have to do what you have to do. Spencer says if she votes for him she won’t hold it against her. Wentworth notices Spencer’s kind of cocky about his chances.  

Wentworth has to prove Spencer is a bigger threat than she is. “Time to go to work.” Jeremy and Wentworth talk about Spencer. Wentworth mentions how confident and well spoken Spencer is. Jeremy has to do what’s best for his game. Jeremy wonders if he should tie the vote. Spencer Vs. Wentworth. They would have to make fire. He’s trying to not let the necklace get to his head. Jeremy says Spencer came from the bottom. He’s a good player. Wentworth is an underdog. He’s going to make his decision at Tribal.  

Tribal council number three. Probst asks about Jeremy’s emotional win. Spencer was heartbroken. Wentworth says it’s pretty clear she’s on the outs, but it’s the end of the game. All bets are off on alliances. Jeremy says he’s been tight with Spencer and Tasha for a while, but he has to think about his family’s future. Wentworth’s pitch to Jeremy is she’s voting for Spencer. He’s a big threat. He’s articulate. He knows what to say. He probably has his final Tribal speech prepared. Spencer shakes his head no. Spencer says pot meet kettle. Wentworth is a huge threat. If he’s voted out he’ll make sure Wentworth wins. They’re arguments about threats and who has a chance of winning. Spencer says keeping Wentworth is a horrible move. Wentworth is the fifteenth person voted out (and tenth member of the jury)  

The final three receive tree mail. They have to follow a trail for their final surprise. Their final surprise is a scale to weigh themselves and a mirror. Tasha doesn’t even recognize themselves. Their second surprise was a full breakfast to enjoy. Spencer says as much as he’s enjoying his last day, there’s still business. He wanted to prove he’s different now. Tonight is the ultimate conclusion. Jeremy’s second chance was all about his wife and kids.  

Tasha says this is the most difficult thing she’s ever done. She didn’t think she had it in her. Her second chance was all business. She accomplished what 17 other people couldn’t.  

Final Tribal. This is the Tribal where the jurors ask the final 3 questions. Savage’s theme is arrogance. Spencer apologizes for his. Jeremy tries to justify his. Apparently Kimmi hurt Jeremy’s feelings. Fishbach thinks Jeremy brought honor back to Survivor. He says Tasha is perceived as someone doing Jeremy’s dirty work. Tasha is a tad offended. She’s a strong independent woman. No one dictates anything to her. She does what she wants. He says Spencer is “colonized” with the voting blocks. Spencer says he didn’t have close relationships, so he had to do more backstabbing at others expense. Ciera asks why on this season (unlike any other season) should “flipping” be rewarded? Jeremy says the caliber of players was higher. He says it wasn’t flipping. Only voting blocks that kept moving. Tasha blames the swaps. When she switched tribes, she made new alliances. Spencer blames the different relationships. The only way to get to the top was to blindside strong, strategic and social players. Keith asks Spencer why Jeremy should win, and Jeremy why Spencer should win. Jeremy says Spencer played a solid game. Spencer says Jeremy had strong relationships. Abi asks what subtle moves got them to the end. Tasha’s subtle move was reconnecting with Spencer. Spencer’s subtle move was blaming Joe. Jeremy’s subtle move was looking for idols. Kimmi was just butthurt. She called Spencer a bully. She says Spencer replaced her in their alliance. Joe says he’s being completely objective. Wiglesworth asks them to pick a number between 1-10. Kass says Spencer played the “Chaos Kass” game. Spencer says in the past he’s said things he now regrets, but he’s changed. Wentworth asks what their second chance stories are. Jeremy gives a speech about it being all about his family. Again.  

The jury votes for who they think should be crowned The Sole Survivor. After they vote, Probst says he’ll see them in Los Angeles for the reading of the votes.  

Jeff walks on stage and reads the votes. All 10 votes were for Jeremy. He wins the Million bucks!  

The next season will be starting in February. It’s another season of Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. Big Brother fans you might see someone you recognize.  


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