‘RHOA’ Cynthia Bailey Feels Tammy Unfairly Judged Sheree Whitfield

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When The Real Housewives of Atlanta took a jaunt to Miami, Cynthia Bailey thought it would be the perfect vacay after the nastiness that took place between her and Porsha Williams on Lake Lanier.

“I was very excited about the girls’ trip “do over.” Especially in Miami! I was looking forward to putting all the Lake Lanier drama behind me. It was really thoughtful of Kenya to go out of her way to plan the Lake Lanier outing, on my behalf, to lift my spirits.”

Oh, Cynthia, you wide-eyed optimist. Things never go well on these trips. Ever.

“A “do over” with Kenya and Porsha planning it together…I could definitely move our relationship forward in a positive direction. I welcomed the opportunity.”

And what about Tammy McCall-Browning? She’s friends with Sheree Whitfield’s ex-husband, Bob, and has nothing good to say about #whogoncheckmeboo. And since Cynthia brought Tammy into the Housewife fold…

“In my opinion, the issues between Tammy and Sheree were so old that they could easily have been squashed in a grown “woman-to-woman” conversation. Not to mention that Sheree and Bob have moved on and are not even together anymore.”

Does this mean she sided with her girl, Tammy? Not exactly.

“I felt like Tammy unfairly judged Sheree without really knowing her, and only had one side of the story. As I said at dinner, I think Tammy was just coming from a place of protection for her friend.”

Kim Fields was a real Debbie Downer on this trip. But Cynthia was sympathetic.

“I have nothing but respect for Kim and her marriage. I just thought the girls’ trip was a great opportunity for her to kick back, relax, and have some fun. It was sad to see her upset.”

It looks like things will get crazy next week, and I can’t wait. So whose side are you on in this TammySheree matchup? Did Sheree do the right thing by calling Tammy out?

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