‘RHOA’ Kim Fields Explains Her Emotional Meltdown in Miami “It Wasn’t About Missing My Family”

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Say what you will about Kim Fields, the newest member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but there’s one thing you can’t call her: diva. Not when she slept on the sofa in that magnificent Miami vacay house.

“Oh, I didn’t “settle”! The bedrooms with water views got snagged; when I discovered the living room and it had everything I needed (especially water views), I was good!”

After watching all the cat fights over rooms throughout the years (I giving you the crazy eye, Ramona Singer), it was refreshing to have a low maintenance Housewife arrive on the scene. But I’m still not sure Kim is cut out for reality TV. The meltdown was real.

“Honestly that was so not me. And again with the friggin’ emotion! What the what? Listen, that waterfront spot was the jump off for a grown and sexy good time and I was feeling it, I just wanted to really enjoy it with my husband.”

But as she explains a little further, I think I get it.

“There came a point in my life when I didn’t think I would be blessed with a husband (and children). It wasn’t about missing my family or the kids. I wanted to be with my man, period.”

Like the Richards sisters before her, Kim spent her childhood and early adult years constantly working. She’s probably happy to have a chance at a normal life—cooking, school runs, bake sales. And I appreciate her positive attitude.

“While I’m not crazy about shedding a few tears over it, I am grateful for the lesson I got out of it, working through it with Phaedra, and getting to the other side of it.”

The other thing I like about Kim is her no-nonsense response to drama. Like at dinner, when she questioned instigation vs. information.

“I’m not a “call out” type of woman. It was an observation of the way things were going down at dinner.”

Unfortunately, Kim is lacking a storyline. It’s as if the woman in the cubicle down the hall got a reality show, and you’re still scratching your head as to why. Yes, Kim is real and normal, which I can respect, but that’s not exactly why we watch reality TV, is it?

So, do you think Kim will get spicier as the season continues? Or will you continue to fast forward through her scenes?


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