#RHOA Phaedra Parks Confirms Divorcing Apollo, Talks Kim Fields Awkwardness & Kenya Moore on #WWHL

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Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted the legendary Patti LaBelle and The Real Housewives of Atlanta southern belle, Phaedra Parks. Phaedra’s mother, Pastor Regina, tended bar alongside one of Patti’s famous sweet potato pies. Miss Patti enjoyed herself thoroughly, and I enjoyed her. She’s fabulous in every way. She even had her own Housewife tagline at the ready: “I cook, I clean, and I sing. I specialize in standing ovations.”

First Andy asked the all-important poll question: should Kim Fields cut loose? More on that later. He also asked if Phaedra knew that Nicki Minaj tweeted her a shout out? Of course Phaedra knew. Who do you think you’re playing with, Andy?

So, what are Phaedra’s thoughts of husband, Apollo, landing in the New Jersey prison that will soon house Joe Giudice? She merely shrugged and claimed her husband had never crossed paths with Joe, but they would now.

She was equally non-committal on Kenya’s tweet, claiming Phaedra still had issues with her. Phaedra’s only response? “Oh Lord.”

On the subject of Kim Fields and her inability to get into the spirit of a girls’ trip: 

“Like a lot of women…a lot of us dream about being married…and get lost in the marriage… Trying to be momtastic, …she’s sort of lost the mommy deal.”

Next up: Patti’s pies. They’re flying off the shelves, and she offered to cook one for Andy if he came by her house. I’d see that as an invite and be on the very next plane.

We were treated to a montage of Phaedra’s greatest hits of the season thus far, every quip from Sheree’s reappearance to Kim’s Mad Max hairdo to Tammy’s fugly shoes. And we were forced to endure a replay of the booty baring string cover-ups both Phaedra and Porsha bought so they’d look like twinsies on their trip to Miami. Even Pastor Regina wasn’t impressed with that ensemble.

Then Patti had to play a guessing game. She was pictured with a celebrity whose face was obscured by a photo of her sweet potato pie. She had to guess the celebrity (Mary Tyler Moore, Bono, and Jesse Jackson just to name a few). For some reason, Patti kept guessing her ex-husband and lost the challenge.

A caller asked Phaedra if she would start dating soon. “When I get divorced,” she replied. Mama Regina agreed. Phaedra said the divorce was in process.

Another caller asked Phaedra if she thought Kenya was shady because she didn’t have anyone in her life. To my surprise, Phaedra defended Kenya. Kind of.

“Kenya is Kenya…you have to accept people for who they are… Kenya was absolutely funny as the devil…she was so funny to me tonight, I just loved it.”

Another game popped up where a statement was made about Patti. She had to stay mum while everyone else guessed if it was the truth or a sweet potato lie. Just so you know, Patti never had a dog named Bubble Butt, but she did used to cook for Elton John (who never returned her Tupperware, that bastard) and she does use a $15 flip phone.

Finally, Pastor Regina delivered a blessing to Patti, which made her tear up a little bit. And in the shocking twist of the night, a whopping 51% of the viewers thought Kim Fields should not loosen up. What now?!

So have you rushed out and bought one of Patti’s sweet potato pies? And do you think Phaedra still has issues with Kenya?


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