‘RHOBH’ David Foster Tells Friends Yolanda Foster Was Cured Of Lyme Disease Long Ago

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David Foster - Lyme Disease

Once upon a time David and Yolanda Foster were the happiest couple living an enchanted life. That story has come to a crashing end for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple and sources are saying David now believes his soon to be ex-wife is faking her Lyme disease. According to an insider,

“David is telling friends he believes she was cured of it long ago, but she’s been playing up ongoing symptoms because she enjoys the attention.”

At least David isn’t claiming that Yolanda was making up the entire illness like some other people on reality shows have done for attention. (We’re talking to you Brooks Ayers!) When first diagnosed in 2011, a year into their marriage,

“there was no doubt Yolanda was struggling and David was there to support her,” the source explained. “In the beginning, David went with her to all of her doctor’s appointments, including the overseas trips for other treatment.”

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As time went on, the source claimed that,

“Yolanda just seemed to really enjoy all of the attention she was getting.” Suggesting that is was difficult to watch her oldest daughter Gigi “get so much attention” and that Yolanda wasn’t “ready to give up the role of sick patient.”

Let’s not forget the medical closet in the Beverly Hills condo shown last week on RHOBH. Many doctor’s offices don’t stock that kind of inventory.

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The source continues,

“…Yolanda’s medical closet is stocked from top to bottom with prescriptions, injections and supplements. People close to her think that all of that stuff is just making her feel worse, but she won’t give them up.”

On that same episode, Yolanda admitted to getting weekly colonics. Weekly. Most experts agree that frequency depends on each individual’s nutritional patterns, but weekly sessions can create dependency.

The source added, “David begged her to stop doing [colonics] because her doctors believed that was also hurting her, but she refused that too.”

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last week, Yolanda admitted that her marriage to David “was not strong enough to withstand the circumstances” of her Lyme disease.


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