It’s War! Bethenny Frankel Battles Sonja Morgan In Court Over Booze Line

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Get ready for a battle of the name-brands next season on The Real Housewives of New York.  

The brands in question are Skinnygirl versus Tipsy Girl. As you know, the first company belongs to Bethenny Frankel and she second belongs to Sonja Morgan – both companies produce a cocktail line. The main differences in the concept is that Sonja isn’t making any weight loss claims.

Reportedly Bethenny has since filed trademark paperwork to purchase the name Tipsygirl and has “already taken action to muddy the waters for Morgan in the marketplace.”

You have to admit, the names are very similar, though Sonja’s has two words and Bethenny’s has one. A rep for Skinnygirl commented to Page Six,

“We always focus on protecting Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl intellectual property to mitigate any confusion in the marketplace.”

Sonja’s partner, Peter Guimaraes, registered the trademark of Tipsy Girl seven months earlier. At this time, they only have a Prosecco, and it’s awaiting distribution, with plans to expand to tequila, vodka and wine and retail locations. Romana Singer’s Pinot Grigio (after a quick check on Amazon) is no longer available.

Guimaraes referred to Bethenny’s recent filing as an “underhanded move” claiming that Frankel “appears to be trying to undermine his and Morgan’s brand” though she’s “supposed to be Sonja’s friend.” He added, “I have already retained an attorney to handle Miss Frankel’s sneaky and illegal move.”

Tell us what you think. Who is undermining who’s name-brand? Perhaps Sonja should just drop the “Girl” from her label since she is a “grown ass” woman and just call it “Tipsy.”


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