‘RHOA’ Fight Breaks Out On Cast Trip In Miami! Tammy Browning Hits Her Head & Rushed To Hospital

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RHOA_Miami Trip

On tonight’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies are still reeling from the shocking boat blow up between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams. At the conclusion of last weeks episode, Cynthia and Porsha both apologize and agree to move on from the incident. And in an effort to forget the altercation and bring the group together, the ladies jet off for some fun in the sun. To everyone’s surprise, Kenya and Porsha join forces to coordinate a girls trip to Miami as a “re-do” for the disaster that came out of their last outing.

All the ladies attend the getaway, including Cynthia’s wacky friend, Tammy Browning but she clashes with Sheree over Sheree’s ex-husband, Bob Whitfield. In an exclusive clip, Sheree confronts Tammy over allegations that she slept with Bob.

The trip starts off seemingly well. The ladies let their hair down, Porsha twerks for the group and everyone turns up except for a homesick Kim Fields, who struggles to adjust to the hot-blooded group. However, despite the good vibes, drama seems to haunt the ATL ladies.

A source dishes exclusively to All About the Tea that sparks fly when the group invites a man and his friends back to the villa the group is residing at. Our source describes the men as, “Buff-body frat boy types.” The source continues that once the,

“buff-body frat boys get a few drinks in their system, they started behaving rowdy and spewing inappropriate things which put the ladies on guard. The mood changed and the women started to feel uncomfortable.”

The source explains that, Kenya was the most vocal about her concerns and asked the man and his friends to leave. But instead of leaving, the man raised his voice and started to approach Kenya in a threatening way. Kenya sensing danger, called out for “security!” 

That’s when things went from zero to hundred real quick! And the man charged security and knocks Tammy down in melee. Tammy falls, hits her head and is taken to the hospital.

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s girls trip below and be sure to catch The Real Housewives Of Atlanta on Bravo, airing at 8|7c.



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