Porsha Williams Takes No Responsibility For Her Part in The Cynthia Fight & She Attacks Kenya Moore

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week, we’ve been dealing with the fallout of the fight between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams. Much talk was made of “moving forward,” but I think Porsha doesn’t understand the difference between “moving forward” and “I’m sorry.” The latter is called an apology, Porsha. Look into it.

What does Porsha think now that she and Cynthia have made their peace? Does she accept any responsibility in the altercation? Well…

“I was honestly in disbelief. In the past, Cynthia and I have tended to use the b-word in a playful way. …I never thought in a million years that Cynthia would ever think that I was using this term with negative intent or with the intention of being disrespectful towards her. I am truly sorry that my tone was misread.”

Porsha puts the blame squarely on Cynthia.

“I feel like Cynthia’s circumstances got the best of her, she hit a breaking point, and ended the day with physical violence towards me.”

She cites Cynthia’s marital problems as the reason for the fight. But honestly, if Porsha had just said, “Sorry, Cynthia” the whole thing would have blown over, like Kim Fields snacks across the lake.

“Cynthia was under an enormous amount of stress. Perhaps it can also be said that her struggles with Peter played a part in her volatile and sensitive reaction. …I know exactly what it feels like to have your relationship with your husband put under a microscope on national TV. I know what it feels like to have your marriage fall apart because of possible affairs…”

According to Porsha, she was physically harmed in the fight.

“I actually missed three days of work from Cynthia’s kicks. I was diagnosed with abdominal contusions and bruises on my arms and legs.”

So is all forgiven?

“After prayer and reflecting on this situation, I know Cynthia is a pretty cool person and I can relate to her current struggle.”

I’ll bet Cynthia is thrilled to have the Porsha Williams stamp of approval. Now, about Kenya

“Kenya is another story. …I hate to say it, but it’s as if Kenya loves it when something bad or negative happens in someone’s life. …At the end of the day, Kenya is out for Kenya.”

I guess these two ladies haven’t exactly buried the hatchet. (By the way, Porsha, a hatchet is a type of ax, not a car with very little trunk space.)

“I have apologized to Kenya, yet she continues to scream from the roof tops that I haven’t taken responsibility for my part in our encounter last year. …Kenya is toxic. This is the same woman who had a megaphone and held a metal scepter in my face throughout an entire reunion and provoked me to the point of no return.”

I don’t think these two will ever be besties, but at least Porsha and Cynthia are on a better path.

“Yes, Cynthia and I truly squashed the issues between us. Looking back, I wish none of this happened… I wish her all the best.”

All right Tea-ites, do you think Porsha is the victim? What’s your take?



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