Eileen Davidson Explains Why Seeing Yolanda Foster’s Medicine Closet Made Her Emotional

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The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsEileen Davidson is dealing with some very serious real life problems. Having lost her father-in-law, Dick Van Patten and her sister, Connie, she’s having a heavy season.

“It’s another emotional week here as Vincent and I continue to deal with the loss of his dad… We continue to try to heal after this loss and try to look at the world like Dickie did: hopeful, humorous, and upbeat.”

Seeing what Yolanda Foster is going through as she battles her Lyme Disease is dredging up all sorts of memories for Eileen.

“My sister Connie passed away a year and a half ago, and seeing Yolanda going through her illness…it’s hard for me not to be reminded of Connie. Because my sister tried to cure her cancer holistically, seeing Yolanda’s closet full of vitamins and supplements took me aback.”

Eileen remains optimistic and respectful of Yolanda’s struggle.

“Yolanda is a force. …“Don’t worry about the beauty,” was the quote that got to me this week. What an inspiration; doing everything she can to return to wellness.”

Lisa Rinna is going through a difficult time with her father’s illness, as well.

“I can relate to the feelings of guilt that arise from not living close to your parents. I admire her ability to keep the humor alive.”

On a lighter note, Eileen is totally jelly over Kyle Richards’ Italian vacay. (I’m with her on that one. I need to head for Tuscany, ASAP!)

Kyle and Mauricio really know how to live! I’ve been lucky enough to go to Italy, but never Tuscany. It’s officially made my bucket list after watching this…”

Though Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump have rekindled their friendship, Eileen took Kyle’s side over discussing family biz at the dinner table.

“It’s unfortunate that the issues around Nicky Hilton’s wedding and the invites (or lack thereof) were discussed in front of the kids. It’s obvious Lisa V. cares about Kyle, and her intention is to stick up for her, but it seems like discussion of some family dynamics may be best left private.”

What do you think? Was LVP wrong to keep talking about the wedding in front of the kids? And what did you think about that closet full of vitamins Yolanda’s taking?


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