RECAP: The Amazing Race – The Final Three Teams Hit NYC To Compete For $1 Million Prize [Season 27 Finale]

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Amazing Race

The Amazing Race finale has arrived. This season there were struggles, 3 Detours, and tons arguments. The Green Team’s dominated. They won 7 legs. The Reporters were close. They came in second place A LOT. Kelsey and Joey worked well as a team. The Paparazzi almost self-destructed too many times to count. The words “stupid” and “shut up” were common. They worked together when it mattered most. When they were challenged with a UTurn they worked hard and stayed in the game! Eleven teams started the race. Only three teams left. Who will win the Million bucks!?  

The Paparazzi won the last leg, so they start the final leg. The race is returning to America. They will be heading to Long Island. Logan is excited about winning the last leg. They broke The Green Team’s winning record. She says winning is a confidence booster. They won because they worked together. Logan knows the competition is fierce. Kelsey and Joey have been consistently coming in second place. They know they’re the underdogs.  

Joey and Kelsey take off next. They’re excited about the final leg. They know they can win! Everyone’s on the same flight, so they have an equal chance at first place. Kelsey knows they’re a strong team. She’s confident. Joey is ready to return to the U.S. Kelsey is done with the second place position. Joey wants to make his family proud.  

Justin is OVER confident. He lived in New York for 20 years. Diana warns him not to get cocky, but the warning falls on deaf ears. The other 2 teams are sitting at the airport talking about Justin’s cockiness. Logan says Justin is going to be too cocky and brag. Chris says Logan is being “spunky.” Justin and Diana check their bags. Justin gets his NY swagger on while walking through the airport. Chris and Logan say they’re ready to win a Million dollars, but Justin is right behind them shaking his head. Justin predicts them winning first place. Kelsey and Joey coming in second, and Chris and Logan won’t finish. Then he laughs and says they’ll finish in third place.  

The teams land in New York City. They hit the ground running finding taxis and rushing off to find their next clue. They try to rush the taxi drivers. Justin talks about his fake race finishing in Randall’s Island. The same place they’re heading to right now. Chris wants to focus like photographers. They’re going to be warriors instead of worriers. Kelsey says every leg Chris and Logan yell and fight with eachother. She hopes their fighting continues.  

The Road Block takes them to an NYC Fire Department training facility. Justin tries to make a deal with his taxi cab driver. $100 bucks to stick around. He gets frustrated. He pays the cab driver $50. No tip. Chris and Logan ask their cab driver to wait for them.

Phil says the NYFD is celebrating their 150th anniversary. They’re known around the World for their rigorous training. The teams will take on an actual training exercise. They have to get into fire gear and climb up a ladder. Then they have to rescue and unconscious victim. If they can complete the rescue they will be faced with their first memory challenge. Chris volunteers. Justin volunteers, says he’s from The Bronx, and he’s honored to be trained by NY’s finest. Kelsey and Joey arrive. They also ask their taxi driver to wait for them. Joey volunteers and starts suiting up. First they have to carry a hose to a ladder. Then climb up the ladder to the second story of a burning building. Chris says the hose is heavy and the fire suit makes it hard to move. Chris and Justin make it up the ladder. Chris is winded. Their trainers suit them up in the oxygen gear. I adore the NY accents of their trainers. Then they have to get on their hands and knees and follow along a hose into an actual fire. They have to stay low. Justin puts his victim on a gurney first. Chris almost drops his and hits its head.  

Justin gets his suit off first, and moves on to the memory portion. There’s a bunch of fire helmets with locations on them. They have to find (and remember) all the capitals of every country they’ve been to. There were 2 extra locations to trick them. The real capital of Brazil  is Brasilia, but  Rio De Janeiro was also an option. Justin, of course, flies through it. Justin and Diana take off first. They find a taxi cab driver. The driver says he has no clue where Belmont Stakes is. Justin asks him if he has a GPS. They try and steal a cab waiting for one of the other teams, but he says no. After Justin continues to badger the original cabby, the driver takes off. They run around like a bunch of chicken with their heads torn off looking for another cab. Chris finishes and notices their cab driver left. (The cab driver Justin was badgering.) Chris and Logan start getting into Joey and Kelsey’s cab, but they get caught. Kelsey and Joey kick them out of the cab. Logan is pissed because the rules say they can steal another team’s cab. Joey says he would’ve thrown them out of the cab if they didn’t voluntarily get out. Justin and Diana jump on a bus. They realize they can’t catch a cab. The closest place to find a cab is Manhattan. Chris and Logan also get on a bus, but Logan can’t let “Cabgate” (Yes, I named it.)  go. She keeps arguing with him about it. That poor bus driver.  

Their next clue is at Belmont Park. Home of the triple crown. Kelsey and Joey get there first. Obviously, Kelsey and Joey held onto their cab. They have to fly to The Hamptons “in style” where they will find their next clue. “In Style” means in a helicopter. Chris and Logan arrive in second place. Chris strips off his remaining fire gear. Including his shoes. After they take off Chris says he feels like Donald Trump. (Flying on the helicopter.) Logan asks if it’s his hair. BUUURRN!  

Kelsey and Joey make it to The Hamptons. The next clue sends them to Shinnecock East County Park. When they arrive they have to take a jet ski to a lobster boat hanging out in the bay. Logan and Chris’ land then head to the lobster boat. Moments later, Justin and Diana arrive. After Justin mocks The Hamptons socialites, they find their clue move along.  

When they reach the lobster boat they have to help the fisherman pull up 7 lobster traps and replace them with new ones. After they finish doing that, they face their second memory challenge. They have arranged country flags in the order they visited them. Chris is still holding a grudge against Kelsey and Joey for taking their cab. Kelsey calls it the most physically demanding thing they’ve ever done. Justin’s sad they aren’t winning. Logan sees how much Chris is struggling. Joey says this is the most difficult thing they’ve ever done. Chris and Logan have problems hanging onto the main line. Joey and Kelsey finish the lobster part and move onto the memory part. Logan and Chris have problems with the memory portion. They don’t know what  the flags of the countries they visited looked like.   

Amazing Race S27 Finale

The next clue has the teams returning to shore and driving a dune buggy along the beach to their next clue. Justin and Diana move into second place. Minutes behind Kelsey and Joey. Their next challenge is assembling 6 Adirondacks chairs. After the chairs are assembled, they will face their final memory challenge. The chairs have images from the race on them. They have to arrange the images in chronological order. Joey talks about how handy he is at building things. Justin and Diana also make it to the beach and start building the chairs. Kelsey and Joey assemble the  chairs, but they get all confused. The chairs aren’t exactly aligned when they were nailed together. Justin sees Kelsey and Joey having a hard time. He starts acting obnoxious to rattle them. Joey and Kelsey stay ahead. They finish their chairs first.  

Amazing Race S27 Finale_2

Kelsey and Joey head to the finish line at a nearby Hamptons estate. They cross the finish line with all of the eliminated teams cheering them on. They officially win 1 million dollars! Justin’s disappointed. He blames “cabgate” for their loss. He cries. Again. I don’t feel sorry for them because they won all kinds of trips and money. When the third place Paparazzi team crosses the finish line, Phil talks about  their constant fighting. Logan admits all of their fighting is abnormal, and they might need therapy. Kelsey ends the season with, “Breaking News: Joey and I have won The Amazing Race!”

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