Brandi Glanville Attacks! Brandi Says Kyle Richards Is Using Sister, Kathy Hilton As A Scapegoat; Kyle Blasts Brandi

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Brandi Glanville hasn’t yet popped onto the Bravo scene, but that hasn’t stopped the mouthy personality from lashing out at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards. The demoted ‘Housewife’ accused Kyle of mistreating her sister, Kathy, and tweeted her jab directly to Kathy. 

Brandi kept pushing, bashing Kyle, and thus keeping her voice obnoxiously present in the Beverly Hills mix.

Brandi is nodding to Kyle’s tumultuous relationship with her junkie sister, Kim Richards. Kyle responded, telling the demoted reality star to mind her own business. 

Brandi called Kyle out before, tweeting last summer that Kyle exploits Kim’s condition for the show. She also blasted her husband for interfering in Kathy’s husband’s business. Mauricio worked for Rick Hilton’s real estate firm for years, before starting his own company. Many believe that a  business fallout was reason Mauricio was shut out from Nicky Hilton’s wedding.  Kyle denied the widespread rumor, when a Twitter follower asked the question.   

Brandi has been accused of driving a wedge between the Richards sisters, and an unaired Season 5 scene shows her baiting Kim, asking her if her sister Kathy would treat her is the same way as Kyle. Kim responded as expected, with a no. During one of her podcasts, Brandi called attention to Kyle’s assertion that Brandi had nothing to do with her family, as well as  noting Kyle’s absence from the Hilton holiday party last year. 

“That’s funny because I was at Kathy Hilton’s holiday party with Kim and you weren’t there, b***h! I don’t even know if you got the invite. So, having said that, yeah. She can suck it.”

The wedding controversy was explained away by noting “tension” between Mauricio and the Hilton family, and a policy to not allow children. Kyle also admits to a troubled relationship with Kathy, and blames a complicated family dynamic for the confusion. The question remains why a college-aged young adult, and a teen would be classified as children. Many questions remain unanswered.

It appears that Brandi Glanville is missing the Bravo spotlight, and will use social media to fill the void. In spite of the family drama, a Brandi-free Beverly Hills, sure is a nicer place to visit. 


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