RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “Villains Have More Fun” [Season 31, Episode 12]

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Last week on Survivor: The castaways fought to spend time with loved ones from home. Spencer finally told his girlfriend he loves her. Jeremy found out he’s having a baby boy. Wentworth won the reward challenge. Wentworth, Keith, Abi, Joe, and Kimmi had an all-American BBQ with their loved ones. Joe and his dad had an emotional moment. Joe fought for immunity, but he collapsed. It was a heart-stopping moment for the Survivor castaways. Joe was fine. He just used up all his energy. When they got back to camp most of them were onboard with voting Joe out. Joe had other ideas. He wanted Abi to go. Tasha informed Jeremy and Spencer there might be a girls alliance forming. She pledged her loyalty to Spencer and Jeremy. They made a final 3 deal. Survivor Macgyver’s luck ran out. Joe was voted out.  

The castaways returned to camp after Tribal Council. Abi says “Good tribal.” She called Tribal a spectacle. She doesn’t think anyone has compassion for Joe, and everyone’s glad he’s gone. She says good riddance. Spencer says Joe going was for the best. Wentworth says, “Hey now we all have an equal shot at winning challenges! How wonderful!” Everyone does a little cheer. Spencer says he didn’t think about that. Poor Keith was left out of the loop. He cast the one Tasha vote last Tribal. He says he wish he would’ve known about it. He needs to “talk to some folks.” Tasha knows Keith voted for her. She says she’s going to keep an eye on Keith because she doesn’t want him joining forces with either the guys or the girls. She says Keith put a target on his back.    

We’re now on day 33. Jeremy and Wentworth pat eachother on the back. (and do a little handshake) Jeremy, Keith and, Wentworth can’t believe they made it to the final 7. Keith is happy he made it this far. Wentworth says there are only 7 people left. Every decision made could affect your end-game. She’s keeping her options open. She’s tried to keep her options open the entire game. It’s a good position to be in, but it’s also stressful. “What is the right choice. I don’t know right now.”  

Jeremy and Spencer take a walk on the beach. Jeremy asks Spencer how he’s feeling. Spencer says he’s deeply concerned. Jeremy has extreme buyer’s remorse. Jeremy thinks they’re in trouble. Spencer says he took out a big threat. (Meaning Joe) Now he has to hope. Four is the magic number. Both of them are worried about Tasha. Spencer says they have to make sure Tasha and Kimmi are “with them.” If they aren’t Jeremy and Spencer are in trouble. Jeremy and Spencer realize there might be a girls alliance forming. Tasha said her ideal final three is Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha. Spencer doesn’t want to fight from the bottom again. It’s exhausting and demoralizing. He feels his game slipping away. He prays he can keep it together.  

Reward Challenge! The reward challenge is very physical. They’ll be connected to a rope. They have to race and unspool the rope. When they think they have enough rope, they’ll build a bridge. Then they’ll use sandbags to knock down some blocks. The first person to finish wins reward. The winner will be taken back to the temples. The place they started their journey 33 days ago. They’ll be blessed by monks. They will enjoy “beautiful food.” Then they will spend the night sleeping in the temples. Probst calls it a once in a lifetime experience to do something extraordinary. They did this challenge on season 29. Keith won. The challenge begins. They start unspooling the rope. They need enough rope to get through the entire challenge. Spencer is ahead but has to go back because he doesn’t have enough rope. Keith takes the lead, and wins!


Keith chooses Wentworth to go with him. He picked Wentworth because she made it possible for him to spend time with his wife. He also chose Spencer. Probst asks Keith why he chose Spencer. Keith says no real logic. He blabbers on about spending time with loved ones. He doesn’t even remember Tasha’s name, and he calls her cousin “little.” Spencer didn’t get to spend time with his girlfriend. That’s why he chose Spencer. Keith logic. Probst calls Tasha out. He says she looks frustrated. Tasha denies she’s frustrated. She says it doesn’t matter if she’s on reward or back at camp. She takes advantage of every opportunity. She says, “It’s time to go to work.” Tasha says she knows Keith is tired, but he couldn’t remember her name. She wonders if he’s acting like he’s southern and  going along for the ride. She wonders if he’s “that slow?”  

Wentworth says she’s going on this reward trip with Spencer, and Keith. She’s taking advantage of her time with them. She hasn’t had a strong alliance the entire game. She hopes to form some kind of alliance, or, at least, trust someone. She says you have to trust people!

The castaways (minus Wentworth, Spencer, and Keith) get back to camp. They agree it was a great challenge, and Keith is strong. Abi calls him “very underestimated.” They talk about Keith being the next to go. Kimmi says Keith keeps winning challenges. That’s a problem. Abi says it’s day 33. She has to get to day 39. She says you have to use people to get you further in the game. She likes seeing people struggle, scramble and act crazy. “Why not? I’m a villain. Villains have more fun.” Jeremy has reservations. Tasha says Jeremy doesn’t trust them, and he thinks they might do the all girls alliance. Jeremy says he does trust them. It’s an option. (To vote out Keith.) Jeremy says he has buyer’s remorse. He should have voted out Abi. He’s not mad about not going on the reward trip. He looks forward to the end. He looks forward to telling the jury why he deserves the million dollars. Kimmi says Keith has to go. Tasha says you have to trust people to get to the end of the game. Tasha says Jeremy needs to let go. He needs to let her make moves. People have to get on board or they’ll miss this ship.  


Wentworth, Keith, and Spencer make it to the temples. The place they began their journey. Spencer says last time they were at the temples they looked a little bit different. Spencer says he’s never seen a better reward. Cambodian temples are amazing. He’s slapping himself every 2 minutes. Keith says it’s like Raiders of the Lost Ark. Spencer makes a comment about Indiana Jones. Spencer talks about beginning the journey 33 days ago. He embarked on the journey to prove he’s changed. Returning to the place they started gives him the rejuvenation he needs to finish the game. Cambodian Monks give them a blessing. Keith thinks people would believe he spent 33 days on Mars over visiting a Cambodian Temple. He calls it amazing. You thinks there’s nothing that trumps visiting Cambodia. Wentworth calls this a cultural experience. You never get to do things like this in your lifetime. She hasn’t had the best experience with the game. She’s been at the bottom a lot. She just wants to prove she can play the game.

After the Cambodian monks and dancers leave they pig out! Wine, Spaghetti, Noodles of some sort, Salad, Pastries, and Dessert. Spencer and Wentworth thank Keith for choosing them. Wentworth asks how it’s going back at camp. She thinks the others might be talking Abi into joining their alliance. Wentworth says there’s no way Abi will join Jeremy, and Tasha’s alliance. She thinks Abi will be fine. Wentworth says she’s using this reward trip to talk to Spencer and Keith. She wants to see where their heads are at. She wants to get to the end. Spencer, Wentworth and Keith make a final 3 deal. Spencer says it’s too early to be locked into any final 3 deals. He wants to sit next to Abi and Spencer. That’s his ideal final 3. They talk about who should go next. Keith says Jeremy. Spencer puts the brakes on that. He says it makes sense for Tasha to go next. Spencer wants keep Abi around as a number, and go after Tasha. The problem with Abi is she’s not rational. Spencer wants to wake up on day 38 with Keith, Wentworth, and Abi.

Jeremy, and Tasha are watching Abi stir rice. Tasha asks Abi if she would be pissed if Tasha talked to Jeremy alone. Abi asks if she could finish the rice first. Tasha says she doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Abi says it is what it is. She asks if she could be included. Abi says Tasha wants to talk with Jeremy alone, but you need 4 people to change the game. She thinks she has a lot more in her pocket than Jeremy does. Abi says she can finish the rice. They should go talk. Tasha says she doesn’t want to be rushed. She can wait. Jeremy wonders if Abi’s a Scorpio. Scorpio’s are crazy. He has 2 of them in his house.  That’s why he drinks. Abi walks off, and Kimmi joins them. She asks what she missed. Jeremy says he can’t imagine dating Abi. Tasha says you have to be careful with anything you say to Abi. She’s come too far for Abi to ruin her game.


Jeremy and Tasha get some alone time. Tasha says they shouldn’t take out Keith first. She wants Abi to go next. Jeremy asks about Keith being a threat. He wins challenges. Tasha says they just have to kill the challenges. Tasha thinks Abi should go because she’s messy. Tasha says Keith is a threat, but Abi is volatile. Abi can screw up her game.  She’ll flip in a heartbeat. Jeremy likes the idea. One less girl to worry about. Tasha is iffy on Spencer. She’s worried he could jump ship. He could tell Wentworth and Keith their plans and ruin everything.

Immunity Challenge. This is a water challenge. First they’re going to race out into the water and cross a series of obstacles. When they reach the end, they will retrieve a key and race back. They will use that key to open a chest. Inside the chest are puzzle pieces. They have to solve a 5 piece puzzle. First to finish wins immunity. If they fall off the obstacle course they have to go back to the last obstacle. Jeremy and Spencer take an early lead. Spencer falls off the course. Jeremy takes the lead. Kimmi and Abi are last. Tasha struggles to stay in the challenge. Spencer takes the lead. Then he takes a big fall. Jeremy and Spencer are neck and neck. Spencer solves the puzzle in 15 seconds flat. Spencer wins immunity.

Out in the water, Tasha is having problems. She lost all of her energy and she’s drowning. They have to go out into the water and help her. Then Dr. Joe appears again. She struggles to breathe. After taking her vitals he figures exhaustion took over. She’s fine. They take her back to solid land. She rejoins her tribe, and cries. She says she gave everything she had, and she had no energy left.

They return to camp where Tasha gets hugs and sympathy. She’s ok. She says it was scary. Her legs wouldn’t move. She went under the water. She takes a walk down the beach. She’s worried Spencer bonded with Keith and Wentworth. She has to make sure Spencer is with them.

Spencer, Wentworth, and Keith pull Abi into their plan. Tasha is leaving. Spencer asks Abi if she’s ok. She says she’s fine. As long as she’s safe. That’s all that matters at the end of the day. Keith says he’ll hunt them down if they don’t go along with the plan. Everyone reassures Keith. Abi says she needs to get to the end. Her resume is getting longer.

Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer have a little powwow. Tasha tells Spencer the plan. They can’t let Abi, Wentworth, and Keith make it to the end. It would be the abomination of the season. It would be a disservice to the fans who voted for them. Spencer agrees with Tasha. Then Tasha says Abi needs  to go. Spencer’s onboard with it. Tasha says Kimmi’s also onboard with voting Abi off. Spencer has 2 options. First option is Tasha, Jeremy, and Kimmi. They want to go after the weaker players. He can also go with Keith, Abi and Wentworth. They want to go after the bigger threats. It’s a point of no return.

They all sit down for another Tribal Council. Probst starts with Keith. He won the reward challenge. Keith says he got to eat inside a thousand-year-old temple. That just doesn’t happen. Spencer’s asked how he feels. He says it’s the kind of reward that makes you feel connected to the country you’re playing Survivor in. He wondered what was going on back at camp. What did he miss? It’s a long time to be away. (From Camp.) Probst asks Tasha how she’s doing. Tasha says it’s been rough. She was mentally and physically exhausted. She tried to act like she wasn’t. Probst asks Spencer how Tasha’s incident changed the game. Spencer says anything like that can change the game. Good or bad. Kimmi says idol talk comes up. Keith says tonight will get them back to where “we” need to be. Probst asks Spencer about the “we” in Spencer’s statement. He says he’s officially in club “we.” Jeremy says everyone is part of a “we.” There are 4-5 groups of “we.” Tasha says everyone is keeping their options open. Tasha says everyone is keeping their options open, but they may be missing an opportunity to lock in. Keith says he feels pretty confident that his “we” will reign supreme. Spencer admires his confidence.

The votes: 3 Votes Abi. 2 Votes Tasha. 1 Vote Keith. Abi became the fourteenth


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