NeNe Leakes Says Raven-Symoné was Shady & Dishes on #RHOA Drama!

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Last night on “Watch What Happens Live,” NeNe Leakes had plenty to say about the ratchet mess on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Currently NeNe is starring in the Broadway production of “Chicago” as Mama Morton, but was able to break free from her busier-than-the-other-ladies schedule and join Andy at the clubhouse. NeNe did not hold back on her feelings about the ladies current storylines or her hurt feelings from the other ladies on “The View.”

Here are some of the highlights called: What Does Nene Think?

About the smack down between Porsha and Cynthia? “Lord, have mercy. It was a lot. It was disappointing, and it was a lot.” About who’s fault the fight was? Listen, the problem happened when Porsha said the ‘b’ word, but I think Cynthia took it out of context. I do not think she said it in a harsh way. Everything just escalated from there.”

About Cynthia and Peter? “I always have sympathy for anyone that’s having marital problems, because I’ve had my own and I feel really bad. I have sympathy for them.”

About Porsha and Duke? “I thought that was really stupid. I called Porsha and said don’t ever do that again. That scene, I just could not take it. That is just wrong, child. No.”

About Kim Fields? “I like Kim. I made a connection with Kim. When I met her, I thought that she’s very different than the girls that are normally around the group. I can’t say she totally fits in with these girls, but I like Kim.”

About Sheree and Marlo? “Who?”

About Kandi and Phaedra? “I just think Kandi and Phaedra are in a bad place right now and it’s gonna take some time. Like it did with me and Cynthia, it’s gonna really take some time. They’re just not in a place where they’re gonna be buddies right now.”

About Sheree back on the show? “I’m okay with Sheree being back on the show. Before this, I hadn’t seen Sheree in almost four years, if not four years. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Sheree.”

About the women of “The View”? “I felt like they were not kind to me. Honestly, they weren’t kind, it’s not even I felt like anything, I know. It was more than Joy. Now, Joy definitely was throwing a lot of shade, but there was someone else on the panel that threw shade as well, as far as looking me up and down…I can tell you there were a couple of people on that panel who were very shady.”

When Andy asked if NeNe was speaking of RavenSymoné?” NeNe said, “Probably,” and indicated that she behaved “real nasty” towards her. Tell us what you think? Do you think NeNe will ever get r-e-s-p-e-c-t?


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