Kenya Moore Responds To Porsha Williams & Phaedra Parks Calling Her A Hypocrite

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta turned nasty last night, when Porsha Williams turned a verbal disagreement into a physical smackdown between her and Cynthia Bailey. Porsha pursued Cynthia, after Cynthia walked away to avoid further confrontation, and later triggered Cynthia to defend herself during the spat. That shove in the gut wasn’t enough to shut up the reality diva, who is swiftly gaining a reputation as a loose cannon. Porsha took to Twitter during the episode, teaming with her pal Phaedra, to call out Kenya Moore for advising the pregnant Kandi Burruss to stay out of Porsha’s line of fire.

The duo is referring to a heated remark made by Kenya to Phaedra during the Season 5 reunion show. Phaedra and Kenya were hurling insults at each other, and Kenya claimed victory in the imagined scenario of a physical  skirmish. 

“You will be picking up your teeth off the floor, pregnant and all!”

Is that threat anything like the one Porsha blurted out, right before she went after Cynthia, and followed through with the warning? Porsha warned,   

“You don’t want me to stand up.  When I stand up, it’s another situation.”

Porsha has to have a screw loose to make ANY reference to reunion violence, because her post-season attack on Kenya Moore was one for the trashy record books. Bravo turned a blind eye to the boundary smashing tantrum, then welcomed back a cast member who continues to be revealed on and off camera, as a ticking time bomb. Kenya Moore has never exhibited any penchant towards physical violence on the show, and took to her Instagram to reiterate her position. 

“I am consistently consistent. I do not advocate violence. They were both wrong. I do believe Cynthia overreacted to Porsha. However, Cynthia made a choice to walk away. Once the argument got out of hand, Porsha kept pointing in Cynthia’s face 1 inch from her nose and then straddled her like she was going to attack her. So yes, I believe Cynthia was right to defend herself. She knows what she is capable of. Three times is not an isolated incident — It’s a pattern.”

How long will Bravo continue to roll out the red carpet, for these careening liabilities? Porsha Williams is proving to be an uncontrollable train wreck, and needs to go. While Porsha likely earned a bonus for upping the trashy drama, she is indeed a risky fixture on Bravo’s Atlanta scene. Ask Kenya Moore…or Cynthia Bailey…or Jami Ziegler. 


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