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Kenya Moore Weighs In On Why She Wanted to Kick Shamea Off The Boat

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, purchased her dream home this year, Moore Manor. And Kenya and Sheree Whitfield made a wager to see who would move into their under construction homes by Christmas first. Kenya provides an update in her Bravo blog on the progress of Moore Manor.

“I am on track and was ahead of schedule until my contractor placed the steel beam in my house on the wrong wall in the wrong direction. I have heard of nightmares in construction, but that is certainly gross negligence. My new contractors are working hard to get us back on track.”

The RHOA star weighs in on why she ordered the captain to kick Shamea Morton off the boat,

“It was clear from my party that she was trying to mock the launch of Kenya Moore Hair Care. If she already drank water from a display only bottle, why would she ask me about it when I arrived? She was trying to embarrass me. She never even said hello or introduced herself. She was so thirsty for negative attention that she tried to bring more drama to the boat, which was a positive occasion (she was invited to neither of these parties). It was clear her only intention was to provoke me or bring negative energy. Commoners can’t summon the queen.”

Kenya feels Porsha was in the wrong in the Porsha/Cynthia fight,

“I was confused like everyone else as they had no reason to argue. However, when Cynthia stated that she was upset with the way Porsha used the “B word” it could have been quickly diffused with a quick apology. But the word “apologize” is not in Porsha’s dictionary. I’m still waiting on mine.”


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