‘RHOA’ How Cynthia Bailey & Porsha Williams’ Boat Fight Turned Physical — Details [VIDEO]

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On Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey’s fight turns physical following a disagreement between the two during Kenya Moore’s girl’s booze cruise. 

Porsha does her usual, aggressive, in your face finger-pointing antics and Cynthia responded to her ghetto shenanigans with a swift kick (with heels) to Porsha’s gut. Bravo edited out most of the fight footage, below is a clip of the aftermath of the altercation. In the clip, Porsha is hysterical and has to be restrained by production while Cynthia is calm, cool and collected as she sips her bottled water.

When the boat docks, the group is in discord as everyone’s version of what happened causes conflict amongst the ladies. Kenya and Porsha meet to discuss the altercation but the conversation quickly turns into a reminder of their troubled past. The ladies then all come together in an attempt to unite the group and repair the splintered friendships.

In the aftermath of the lake trip, Peter returns home from Charlotte to console Cynthia, forcing them to work on their marriage. Meanwhile, Kandi visits the doctor and comes face-to-face with some troubling news. 

Cynthia opened up about the confrontation in her Bravo blog, she states, “In my opinion, the word ‘b****’ can be used in fun as a term of endearment or disrespectfully as an insult. It depends on the tone and context in which it is used and interpreted.”

“How did Porsha and I go from having fun and kicking it to a heated confrontation when all I was attempting to do was try to prevent Kenya from kicking her friend Shamea off the boat? Was it wise to get caught in the line of fire to try to diffuse a bomb that was never intended for me? Looking back, probably not. Maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut, sat back with the other ladies, and watched the fireworks.”


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