Bank Sues Porsha Williams Over Alleged Loan Dispute For Day Care Center She Owns

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Porsha Williams_RHOA

Drama continues to follow Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, with the latest wave of trouble unfolding away from the Bravo cameras.

Porsha Williams is​ ​being sued​ ​over an alleged loan dispute, related to a​ ​day care center that she owns​ ​in Decatur, GA. Apex Bank filed a lawsuit against​ ​Williams​ ​and Childfirst 24 Hour Childcare on October 28, 2015, in Dekalb County, Georgia Superior Court, for allegedly defaulting on a loan.

According to​ ​court​ ​documents, the very same daycare​ center ​was​ previously hit with another lawsuit, after a​ ​3-month old baby​ ​died on the premises. According to a lawsuit filed in 2011, an infant boy named Darryl Love II​ died ​while in the care of ​Childfirst Childcare, in 2009. The child died on the very first day that he was entrusted to the care of the facility, after being left alone while staff members went to lunch. Childfirst denies any wrongdoing in the boy’s death.

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The center was not held ​criminally ​liable​, however ​according to​ ​court​ ​documents, the parents of the deceased child then slammed Williams​’​ childcare​ ​center with a civil lawsuit. On Dec 11, 2011, the parents of the boy won a compensatory judgment of $5.1M. ​The plaintiff was granted a FIFA, which allows the defendant’s assets to be sold to satisfy the judgment.

Porsha Daycare suit_RHOA

Porsha has been revealed as a powder keg while interacting with her cast mates, and evidently her off-camera reality is becoming increasingly complicated. How will Porsha handle keeping her cool in the legal spotlight?

Records indicate state officials have visited Childfirst over a dozen times and the facility has been cited for not having adequate staffing and incomplete records on the children enrolled.


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