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RECAP: The Amazing Race “It’s Not Easy Beating Green” [Season 27, Episode 11]

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Survivor_It's Not Easy Beating Green S27 Ep11

We’ve almost made it to the finale. The Green Team continued to dominate, and be elusive. The Reporters were only behind The Green Team for about a minute. The Paparazzi was given the dreaded UTurn, but they got through both detours. (without killing each other) Team Alabama was the last to arrive and they were eliminated. Now that you’ve been caught up, let’s get started with tonight’s crazy episode.

The Paparazzi really dislikes The Green Team. (They U-Turned Chris and Logan.) Justin says if you’re going to UTurn someone, make sure they go home. OOOPSS! Chris says they didn’t get along with The Green Team, but now they’re mortal enemies. Justin’s attitude is “Whatever. They’re in last. Have fun staring at my back.” Chris says they’re ready to go, and ready to take down The Green Team.

The Green Team is the first to depart India. The four teams are headed to Hong Kong, China. When they arrive, they’ll ride in style. A Green Rolls Royce (Courtesy of The Peninsula Hotel) will take them to their next clue.

Oh and Justin has to once again boast about how many legs they’ve won now. “Being in first place never gets old.” Justin thinks it’s their destiny to set the record for the most wins, and it’s their destiny to win the million bucks.

When Kelsey and Joey take off (In second place) they’re determined to take down Justin and Diana. Joey calls The Green Team “Goliath” of the Amazing Race. It will feel good to beat them. They have 4 second place finishes in a row. Joey’s tired of losing. It’s time to win.

Tiffany thinks they’ve come so far. They’ve beat out both The Reporters and The Paparazzi. (I agree. They are the most improved team.) Krista says “It’s not easy beating green.”

All 4 teams travel on the same flight to Hong Kong. When they land all 4 teams rush out of the airport to find the Roll Royce they’re suppose to be picked up in. The Cheerleaders and The Reporters find the fancy cars first. The other 2 teams run around the airport lost. The Paparazzi is last to depart the airport. Chris assumes The Peninsula Hotel is the where they’ll find their next clue. The Cheerleaders find their next clue first.

They hit another Detour. Sam or Cell. “Sam” is a famous suit designer. He’s made custom suits for all kinds of presidents and dignitaries around the World. The teams have to make their way to Sam’s workshop, and cut out 6 pieces of fabric for a suit jacket. A tailor will make sure their fabric is cut properly. Then they have to deliver a finished suit to Sam’s store. Sam’s son will give them their next clue. “Cell” (meaning cell phones) requires the team to go into a market where a bunch of used phones will be in a pile. They have to find 1 working cell phone. A number will be stored in the phone. They’re suppose to call that number to find out where their next clue is. Then they must go to that address.


All the teams except for The Green Team choose to do Sam. The Cheerleaders arrive at Sam’s Workshop first. Tiffany thinks they have to put the suit together. So, they start doing all kinds of measurements etc. They figure out they’re only suppose to trace and cut out the pieces thanks to The Reporters. Krista figured out a way for the patterns to match exactly. She folded the fabric in half instead of cutting them separate like the other teams are doing. The industrial size scissors are hard for Joey to use. Their first attempt at fabric cutting is shot down by the tailor. Thanks to Krista’s smart thinking, they are first to finish the Detour. The rush off to Sam’s store in first place. The other teams catch onto Krista’s idea. They start cutting the fabric like she did. After The Reporters finish Chris panics.

Justin and Diana make it to the crowded marketplace where the baskets of cell phones are waiting for them. They start trying the phones one by one. Justin compares it to a needle in a haystack. Justin thinks this could take a while. You know where all your old flip cell phones go? Hong Kong. They have the old Nokia phones. Justin says they’re use to being alone. He hopes they get lucky. Justin finds the flip phone they need. They’re given an address to deliver the phone to.

They jump in a taxi. It turns out the address they need to go to is within walking distance. They keep asking the poor taxi driver how much longer. Justin is bummed they have a taxi driver who doesn’t speak any English. The taxi driver has no clue where he’s going. He tries to drop them off at a hotel. I’m pretty sure the taxi driver cursed them out in Chinese. Finally they find a guy who knows where he’s going. Justin’s pissed off when he finds out he didn’t even need a taxi to get to the place. Justin starts talking smack about the taxi cab driver. When Diana calls him out on it he says he’s not being rude because the guy doesn’t understand him. Justin gets all pissed off, and he goes off on a rant. Poor Diana.

When The Green Team finally gets their next clue, they ask for directions to the Ferry Terminal. The guy says there are 2 ferry terminals. One on Hong Kong Island. (Not close to their current location.) The Kowloon Terminal is closer. Justin decides to take the shortcut. They go to the Kowloon Terminal. (Note: The clue said Hong Kong Island. This will come in handy later.)

Their next clue takes them to the Turbo Jet Ferry Terminal on Hong Kong Island. The teams will take The Hong Kong Ferry to the city of Macau. When they get there they have to make their way to The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams Macau. After they arrive they have to search for their next clue. The Cheerleaders think it’s going to be actual dancing. They’ll have no problems getting through it quickly. The three other teams catch the same ferry to Macau. No one has seen The Green Team.

The three teams jump in taxi cabs. The next clue takes them to the largest water show in the World. (Roadblock) They have to participate in the show by jumping 30 ft into the water. After making it into the water, they have to find the golden fish below the surface. They must deliver the fish to the fisherman’s raft to receive their next clue. If the music ends before they reach the raft they have to wait for the next performance to try again. Kelsey, Krista, and Logan volunteer to do the challenge. The three girls take the elevator to the makeup/wardrobe place to get ready. Their teammates watch from the sidelines to cheer them on. There’s a lot of bubbles. They have to really search under the water. Logan and Kelsey find the golden fish. Krista doesn’t. She has to try again.

Amazing Race_It's Not Easy Beating Green S27 Ep11

The Green Team is currently in last place. Justin tells off “Yabbo.” (I probably spelled that wrong.) Diana volunteers to do the Road Block. Justin is concerned because the other teams have moved on. The Cheerleaders are the only team remaining. Justin and Diana are both getting very emotional. Justin even starts crying. They don’t want to go home. After Krista doesn’t find the golden fish the second time Justin has hope. Diana finds the golden fish. Justin is over the moon.

Krista has a hard time with this challenge. She has to keep telling herself she has this in the bag. She says it’s impossible to see under the bubbles. Krista fails for a third time. She gets discouraged when The Green Team takes off to the Pit Stop. Krista fails a fourth time. She’s in tears. She’s ready to give up. Tiffany has to give her a pep talk. She finally finds that fish her fifth time around.

Their pit stop is at Nam Van Lake. Chris says when they see Phil drop their backpacks and run. He’s worried The Reporters are on their tails. Joey and Kelsey really want first place. It’s neck and neck between The Reporters and The Paparazzi. The Paparazzi arrive in first place! They win a trip to Peru. Right on their heels is The Reporters. Second place again. They’re bummed to be in second place, but Joey’s happy The Green Team didn’t win another leg. Both teams express disappointment when The Green Team arrives. Phil delivers sad news to Justin and Diana. They took the wrong ferry at the wrong ferry terminal. They get a 55 minute penalty. The Green Team checks in as The Cheerleaders run to the mat. The Green Team checked in first. The Cheerleaders are eliminated.

At the end, the three final teams all talk smack about how they’re going to win. How much the other teams suck. Blah blah.

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