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‘RHOA’ Exposed! Stripper Claims Night Of Booze & Drugs With Apollo Nida

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After being behind bars for a year, Apollo Nida, husband to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra parks, is still finding a way to stay relevant. A past indiscretion with a “nude exotic dancer” will be revealed in an upcoming book. No doubt, this manuscript will be a real page-turner, nominated for a whole slew of awards. #sarcasm #mockery #humor. The question is, will this be the final straw that prompts Phaedra to finally file for divorce.

Cashaun Sidney, author of Sordid Panties: Celebrities, Thots, Money & Scandal has written a tell-all for our reading pleasure. Those of you contemplating literature as a Christmas gift for that special someone, here is a preview of the book.

In 2014, Sidney claims she met Nida through a friend, just before he was sent to prison on fraud charges. 

“He drove up with his brother, Michael, and they escorted us and two other young ladies into the club,” she wrote. “We entered the bar and had a few drinks and Apollo asked us if we wanted to go to Lenox Mall, a popular mall in Atlanta that held some of the most high-end stores in the city. Of course we were game.”

“We went to the mall and later as we were sitting in Bloomingdales, Apollo asked us if we wanted to accompany him to a night club where he would be heading later to meet up with a few other celebrity friends of his. We obliged.”

Hang on a second. Apollo has celebrity friends? I bet Apollo also has some swampland to sell. Or some car titles. But the worst part is, Apollo brought these women into Phaedra’s home.

“We went back to his home to get dressed …” she described. “It was evident that his wife was not in town.”

“Inside the house I started rolling the blunt of pot and just kept my mouth shut as I looked around the woman’s house in awe,” Sidney wrote. “I couldn’t believe we were in Phaedra’s house.”

“Apollo poured shots of tequila for us and we proceeded to the back of the house where we sat by the pool and smoked the pot.”

Wait until you hear where Apollo proceeded to next. Is the suspense killing you? #lol

“After smoking pot, we went back into the house to prepare for our night out,” she said. “We walked up stairs and he escorted us into the baby’s room. Yes the baby’s room of all the rooms. He asked my friend if she wanted to take a shower in the baby’s bathroom and she said yes….” Adding a final thought, “Apollo was more a thot if not equally thotie as my home girl.”


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