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‘RHOA’ Cynthia Bailey Talks Fight with Porsha Williams “I May Have Overreacted”

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Real Housewives of Atlanta beauty, Cynthia Bailey, is opening up about the confrontation with Porsha Williams that left viewers hanging last Sunday night. Fans have been peeking in on ongoing marriage struggles between Cynthia and her husband Peter, but last week’s altercation with Porsha seemed to come out of the blue. 

Cynthia clarified her position, and dished on how the drama went down. Cynthia begins by responding to a question asking why she chose to open up to Kandi, about her marriage. 

“I enjoy talking to Kandi because she is level headed, rational, and doesn’t sensationalize things. I knew that Peter and I had just celebrated our five year anniversary, but did not think about the “five year hump” that marriages go through until Kandi brought it up. My conversation with her reminded me that no marriage is perfect, most have issues, and we were not alone in our struggles.”

A new face was seen during the boat party. Cynthia explains her connection with her invited guest, Tammy.   

“Tammy and I have a mutual close friend in New York City, who thought we should meet. I love meeting new people, so I decided to invite her to Lake Lanier. I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to hang out and introduce her to my friends. That was our first time hanging out, and we are still getting to know each other.”

Cynthia clarifies why she was so offended when Porsha called her the B-word during the lake excursion, and shares her thoughts about the dramatic fireworks that were popping over Lake Lanier. 

“In my opinion, the word “bitch” can be used in fun as a term of endearment or disrespectfully as an insult. It depends on the tone and context in which it is used and interpreted. How did Porsha and I go from having fun and kicking it to a heated confrontation, when all I was attempting to do was try to prevent Kenya from kicking her friend Shamea off the boat?”

“When I walked away from everyone in pursuit of peace to speak with Kenya on behalf of Shamea, the last thing that I expected to hear from Porsha was “whatever bitch.”

Cynthia admits that it wasn’t wise to step into the line of fire, and believes  that the smarter move may have been to just stay out of it.    

“Maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut, sat back with the other ladies, and watched the fireworks. Porsha and I were having a great time together until we had a breakdown in communication, which turned into a major misunderstanding. That combined with several cocktails and disrespect of personal space took the conversation somewhere it was never meant to go.”

“I felt like my friendship with Kenya and my good intentions were being mocked when she called me a bitch in that moment. I perceived it to be disrespectful, whether that was her actual intent or not.” 

“Looking back, I think I may have misjudged Porsha’s intentions and overreacted.”

Cynthia explains the escalation of the squabble, and how the exchange turned physical. 

“I realized it was best for me to walk away to cool off. I assumed when Porsha joined me on my recliner, she had also done the same.  I tried to clarify to her why I was offended in the first place.  When Porsha made it clear that she did not feel the need to apologize to me or thank me for trying to help out in the situation, I became confused about her purpose.”

“I repeatedly asked her to go back to the other side of the boat, because I did not want to continue to argue and insult each other. Our hands and fingers were all over the place, and the next thing I knew Porsha was straddling over me. As I was lying down looking up at her, I had a flashback of the physical altercation that she had with Kenya at the reunion. I began to feel threatened, and the situation became uncomfortable. I had to figure out how to protect myself, and my personal space.”

Many of us remember that unforgettable reunion moment when Porsha yanked Kenya to the floor by her hair.  Who could blame Cynthia for feeling skittish, after that trashy televised smackdown?  The Housewife tussle plays out this Sunday night, as the drama on Lake Lanier continues.    


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