RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart” [Season 31, Episode 11]

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Last week on a 2-hour Survivor, a big rain storm hit Orkun camp. Everyone was miserable. Fishbach had digestive problems, and his foot looked like a king kong clone. The reward challenge had the castaways fighting (literally) to get out of the rain. If 5 of them gave up immunity, they would get a better shelter to protect them from the elements. 8 of them took it. Everyone wanted Fishbach to go, but Jeremy used one of his idols and saved him. Unfortunately, Ciera made a million dollar mistake. She was sent home. Fishbach won the second reward challenge. He took Tasha and Jeremy on a helicopter ride to a resort. The three stooges (Tasha, Fishbach and Jeremy) discussed sending Joe home. Fishbach thought he could convince some of the others Joe’s a threat. Back at camp the others noticed how close those 3 are. They all agreed to vote out Fishbach. Wentworth found another idol under their new shelter. Spencer won immunity. Abi was on the fence. Joe is a huge threat, but Fishbach is smart. Abi sided with the girls. Fishbach was sent packing.

The morning after Tribal. Jeremy and Spencer walk along the beach. Jeremy says “It was a great move last night.” (Getting rid of Fishbach.) Spencer calls it crazy. Jeremy asks Spencer if he thought about numbers when he masterminded Fishbach’s demise. Spencer says he did think about numbers, but he believes the game is now open. Spencer acknowledges he masterminded the Fishbach blindside, but he knows he can’t treat people like game pieces. He doesn’t necessarily want to go to the end with Jeremy. Jeremy is someone he knows he has to maintain a relationship with. Jeremy wants to make sure his relationship with Spencer is ok. Spencer says yes. Jeremy didn’t want Fishbach gone. He feels like he’s in trouble. He’s not comfortable with anything. Spencer reassures Jeremy they’re in this together. Jeremy hates not being in the middle of everything. He likes to know what’s going on.

Kimmi approaches Wentworth with a proposal. If Joe doesn’t win immunity, he’s a goner. She says eveyone’s onboard with that plan. Kimmi was once again blindsided at Tribal. She figured out she needs to be in control of her own destiny. Kimmi says if they vote out Joe 4 women will remain, and they’ll have the upperhand. Kimmi wants an all girls alliance. Wentworth is “so happy right now.” She’s definitely in. Kimmi pitches her idea to Tasha. She says Joe has to go next. Then they can go after the other guys. Tasha seems receptive to Kimmi’s plan. Kimmi says she didn’t leave her family to be someone’s pawn. “I came out here to win.” She says it’s time to make her move.

The reward challenge is a Survivor tradition. The loved one’s visit. For those of you who haven’t seen Survivor, they do this every season. When they dwindle the castaways to the 8-9 range they bring in their loved ones from home. The catch is they have to WIN time with those loved ones. Jeff tricks them into thinking this is NOT the traditional loved ones reward challenge. So mean. Jeff introduces their loved ones. Jeremy’s wife Val. She hugged him and told him they’re having a boy. (She’s pregnant.) They hug, kiss, and cry. Jeremy doesn’t want to tell the others about Val’s announcement. Tasha’s cousin Christina. They’re like sisters. Tasha shows more emotion in those 30 seconds then she has the entire game. Spencer’s girlfriend Marcella. She’s a knockout. He finally says those 3 little words. I love you. (If you remember earlier in the season he talked to Jeremy about this. He’s been with her for a while, but he’s never said I love you.) It’s a big deal. Abi’s mom. She speaks Brazilian Portuguese to her mom. Then her mom says (in English) Abi is her angel. Keith’s wife Dana. He says seeing her gets him “over the hump.” Jeff asks how they met. Dana says they met when Keith was going to school in Arkansas where she’s from. Wentworth’s dad Dale. This isn’t the first time he’s come out. Wentworth’s dad was also on Survivor. He says he has a new respect for loved ones back home. Joe’s dad. (This is Joe’s dream scenario.) The first time Joe didn’t get a chance to do this because he was voted out too early. Joe says (To his dad)  “You made my dream come true.” Joe says family is the most important thing in his life. Kimmi has waited the longest to have a loved one visit her on Survivor. Her dad visits. Her dad says he’s proud of her.


Now onto the actual challenge. They’re going to dig, and spin to retrieve bags. They will cross a balance beam to retrieve the last bag. Then dump the letters onto a table, and solve a word puzzle. The reward is a good ole fashion American BBQ. They will get to return to camp with their loved one. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Their loved ones cheer on the sidelines. Kimmi and Keith jam through the first part. Wentworth gets the puzzle right first. (The word is Nourishment) She picked 4 tribe members to also enjoy the reward with their loved ones. Wentworth picked Keith, Abi, Joe, and Kimmi.  


The BBQ with their loved ones was a celebration. Wentworth called it “a beautiful thing.” Hugs, kisses, and beer! Keith summed it up the best. He has to see someone. He doesn’t care if it’s his 5th cousin’s daddy. Joe and his dad had an awwww moment. His dad says he’s never had a friend like Joe. He’s been a loner his whole life. Joe’s such a good son. Joe says growing up his dad was tough, and didn’t show much emotion. He says that moment with his dad was so special.

Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha didn’t get the family visit or the BBQ. Jeremy asks Spencer what he thinks of Wentworth’s choices to join her on the reward. Spencer says it’s what he expected. Spencer describes Wentworth’s picks as little shanks poking you in the heart. He’s never felt pain like that. He had to take a moment to get his head back in the game. He has to do everything in his power to win. Spencer proposes a final 3. (Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer) Tasha has 2 options now. Go with Spencer and Jeremy or go with the girls. Spencer brings up Joe. Tasha says he’s a huge threat. Spencer says he doesn’t know how many more chances they’ll get to send Joe packing. He let one chance go because he needed Joe’s help. Spencer says you give Joe a chance…he’ll take a mile. The second he gets the chance. Joe’s gone.


Immunity Challenge. There will be 2 people winning immunity. 1 Guy. 1 Woman. The challenge goes like this. They will balance an idol on a pole. At regular intervals they will add another pole making it harder to balance. Statue falls. They’re eliminated. Abi and Kimmi are eliminated first. Tasha drops her statue. Wentworth wins immunity. Keith and Joe are the last 2 men standing. They maxed out on the number of poles added. Joe faints. At first cheers come. Then everyone figures out Joe actually fainted. The medics look Joe over they figure out what happened. Joe’s sugar dropped to a low-level. He used all his energy. Everyone was concerned about Joe. Keith and Wentworth won immunity.


Abi compares the immunity challenge to a crazy soccer match between Brazil and Germany. Joe losing to Keith was awesome. Now it’s time for him to go. She’s overjoyed when Wentworth tells her Tasha and Kimmi are onboard. (With the plan to get rid of Joe.) “The tides have turned.” Wentworth is worried because Joe pushed himself to the point of passing out. She can’t compete with that. He’s got to go. Then the girls are in control of the game.


Joe’s worried about not having immunity. He’s confident about sliding through another tribal. Jeremy and Joe have other plans. Joe says they need Abi to go now. He says she’ll stay to the end. Anyone wants to sit next to Abi at the end. The longer she stays, the more dangerous she becomes. Jeremy says sitting next to Abi is easy money. Joe says Jeremy’s a smart guy. He thinks Jeremy’s onboard to get rid of Abi.

Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha talk about the best move. Jeremy asks what they want to do. Jeremy acknowledges getting rid of Joe is a good move. Tasha tells the boys about the all girls alliance forming. The boys are a little concerned with Tasha’s announcement. Tasha says she’s with Spencer and Jeremy. Final 3. Tasha told them about the all girls alliance because she didn’t want them finding out somewhere else. If someone else tells them about it, mistrust forms. Revealing the all girls alliance can also cause trouble.

Spencer and Jeremy think about their next move without Tasha. Spencer is concerned either way. If they keep Joe, he’s terrified. If they get rid of Joe, he’s terrified. Spencer isn’t convinced Tasha’s final 3 is Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha. He wants to squash the girls alliance before it gets started. Tasha’s nervous about Tribal. She calls it “a million dollar decision.”


Tribal Council. Jeff says Joe fainting is one of the most dramatic moments in Survivor history. Kimmi says it was frightening. Wentworth brings up Joe literally standing there until he passed out. Jeremy rants. Then he goes into the next few Tribals being crucial. Abi and Joe both think their in danger. Joe jumps all over Abi. She calls him a clown when she votes. 3 votes Joe. 1 vote Tasha. (Keith) 1 vote Abi. (Joe) Joe is the sixth member of the Survivor jury.

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