‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Explains Where Her Concern For Yolanda Foster Comes From

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Lisa Vanderpump is back, y’all, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would not be the same without her. Though our Pink Princess questions her choice of living such a public life, the special moments get her through. Like meeting eye candy, AJ Ellis, as he attempts to teach Lisa to pitch a baseball for the Dodger’s LGBT night.

“When would a moment like this ever have come and presented itself before? I have been an avid supporter of the LGBT community, and this was their annual event, so as a great compliment they asked me if I would do the honor of opening the game.”

And how did she do?

“I was dubious as to how this would play out… AJ was a kind, funny man. I remember him saying even if he broke every bone in his body…he would catch it… Well as you saw, I managed to get the thing onto the plate in a straight line and into his glove.”

Now, on to the real reason we watch this show: drama. LVP and Kyle Richards lunch and gossip. And we catch up on the latest tidbits.

Kyle and I met for lunch at Villa Blanca, we had a brief conversation regarding Yolanda, the season had just started, I was curious if she would be involved and to what extent as she battled with her health problems.”

Yoyo does look very ill. We’re used to seeing her running up and down the steps in the midst of her lemon grove, but last night, we saw a different side.

“I think it was confusing seeing her dealing with this illness, how it ebbed and flowed, the social media pictures…and as the season plays out, we discuss that, as you do when you are all immersed in a group. Saying that, her existence has been pretty depressing.”

Despite The Lemon Queen’s illness, it seems that there is still no love between her and LVP.

“I explained to Kyle I had reached out [to Yolanda] a few times, and the timing had never been right, or as Kyle joked, maybe she didn’t want to see me. When you are feeling compromised, sometimes all you want to do is hunker down. …as I explained we haven’t been that close, but I had visited her and was sorry to see her at dinner still obviously in a debilitated state.”

Please tell me we aren’t going to suffer through #Cancergate Part Deux. What would the hashtag be, do you think? #LemonLymeLies And what did you think of Lisa’s first pitch?


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