Heather Dubrow on Yolanda and David Foster’s Divorce: “I Am Heartbroken”

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The Bravo marriage curse continues, with the announcement of the pending divorce between The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Foster, and her superstar husband, David Foster. 

The couple broke the news on the night of the premiere of RHOBH, and reactions have been mixed among the Bravo-lebs. Yolanda’s co-star, Kyle Richards, commented on Watch What Happens Live, that she knew that the couple was struggling.   However, the news came as a complete surprise to Real Housewives of Orange County star, Heather DuBrow. Bravo’s Daily Dish caught up with Dubrow, who commented,

“It’s sad. When I hear people are splitting up [it] makes you feel like, is anyone gonna make it? It makes you look at your relationship: Are we stable and good? I am heartbroken. We met them before the show. Yolanda is an amazing mother [and they are a] nice couple. Marriage is hard in general — especially in the spotlight. They both have huge careers.”

Heather’s husband Terry has a different take, one that aligns with the thoughts of many, who have watched snippets of the Fosters’ marriage play out on the show. Terry notes that David had been married three times prior to his relationship with Yolanda, and then hits a bullseye with this take on the split.   

“This may be controversial — maybe I shouldn’t say it. I think people who have a history of being married and divorced, get married and divorced,” he said. “If you’ve been married and divorced, two, three times, is it surprising? We are zebras; we have stripes. I think people are people [who] have patterns. If you get married and divorced, that’s what you do.”

The timing of the announcement of the breakup may have momentarily shocked Bravo fans, but the news of the impending divorce isn’t surprising the majority of viewers. Yolanda’s battle with Lyme disease may be complicating the fallout, but Terry Dubrow probably nailed the heart of it. The King has left the building….again. 


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