Top Ten Most Memorable ‘Sister Wives’ Moments…That We Would Love to Forget

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TLC’s Sister Wives is on break until spring, and the cult-de-sac is likely still buzzing over their pumpkiny matriarch’s canoodling with a lesbian con-artist.  While Mare and the gang continue to cry victim, hoping to erase all of the scary banana memories, we thought it would be fun to relive a few of the most plurally embarrassing Brown flashbacks.  I scoured all of the videos I could stand, and came up with the top ten moments that most viewers would love to forget, but just can’t help remembering.   Snarking is encouraged, so happy Sunday, and you’re welcome! 

My #10 pick is Christine’s somewhat comical and backwoods approach to preparing a breakfast favorite.

A common question is answered, as the Browns defend their lifestyle choice. 

This one is a goodie, and revolves around the Browns picking a wedding cake for the upcoming nonsensical union, between Kody and Robyn. 

This is when we learned that Kody and new bride Robyn, decided to blow off the old balls and chains, and take an eleven day honeymoon. There is lots of foreshadowing in this clip.

Kody’s scraggly 5th wife takes center stage, in this nauseating piece.

This clip is entitled “The Kiss.”  Watch at your own risk.

Kody throws down with a pal, while the wives watch in adoring admiration. I believe Christine bartered her garage for some sort of payback…was it for more time with Kody?

This snippet is the hands down, scariest Sister Wives moment, when we see little Truely being rushed to the ER, after becoming dangerously dehydrated.  Fans were left shocked that the young girl was not more closely monitored, during an illness.  This close call was beyond disturbing.

The epic, graduation party flash mob takes the #2 spot. I couldn’t find the game-day vid, but this rehearsal is the next best thing.  Just picture cheap sunglasses and boas, as you watch the Browns perfect their best spastic chicken dance moves.

The number one most horrifying Sister Wives moment is a no-brainer.  The infamous nachos diss speaks for itself. 

There you have it, my top ten most cringeworthy shorts, taken from the dozens, that have been spewed from the Brown’s cultish reality. I couldn’t find many pieces from the Browns’ commitment ceremony shindig, but as a little bonus, I leave you with a frightening reminder of the fashion, carefully chosen for the big day. 




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