RECAP: The Amazing Race “Bring The Fun, Baby!” [Season 27, Episode 10]

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amazing race-s27 e10

Last week on Amazing Race: The teams traveled to India! The Green Team continued to be “elusive” and dominate. Team Texas didn’t have luck on their side. They had to do a speed bump. They did laundry Indian style! Joey informed us his mother does his laundry. At the Detour they had to either make candy or carry a bunch of oil cans to a recycling place. The Reporters UTurned Team Texas. The speed bump and the UTurn really left Team Texas behind. They couldn’t catch up, and they were eliminated.

The first place domination Green Team start this leg of the race. Their first stop is Kachora Bazaar. There will be another UTurn this leg. Justin is hoping to make history. He wants to break the record number of wins. Diana doesn’t care about the record. She wants to win the last leg, and get a million dollars. Justin and Diana talk about using their UTurn on The Paparazzi. Justin says they’ve been rubbing everyone the wrong way. (Last leg they told Justin and Diana about The Cheerleaders UTurning them.)

Joey and Kelsey take off. Joey says he’s tired of second place. He wants to sneak in front of Justin and Diana. Joey’s sure they will win this leg. There’s confusion, and chaos when they look for a tutut driver! Finally they take off. Joey is scared of the UTurn. He knows they’ve already used theirs. They’re The Green Team’s competition right now. If Justin and Diana are smart, they would use their UTurn on Kelsey and Joey.

Chris and Logan take off next. Chris has been vomiting, but he’s not going to use that as an excuse. He thinks this leg will be hard, but he can push through it. (He complains about it the entire leg.)

The Cheerleaders think they can win the race. They’ve come so far, and they were underestimated. They’re confident going into leg 10. All that matters is winning the last leg.

Team Alabama is the last team to take off. James Earl says he’s just happy to still be in the race. They need to win the last leg. That’s what matters. Denise is putting her foot down. They are beating The Green Team!

Next stop is The Road Block. It’s called “Full of Hot Air.” The teams have to blow up a bunch of balloons. Then they have to tie them on a bike, and deliver them to a party planner. Justin says he’s full of hot air. He says no problem! I can blow up a bunch of balloons! Diana is hopeful with their lead. She hopes Justin can get through it quick! Justin says they’re helping people get married. Nothing better than love. He then pops a balloon. Justin’s adrenaline makes it hard to tie a knot in the balloons. He says his hands start shaking. He assumed it was easy, but it’s not. Joey chooses to do this Road Block. He’s always full of hot air. Logan demands to do the Road Block. Justin talks briefly to Joey about the UTurn. He says they’re going to UTurn Logan and Chris. Justin’s having a ball. He’s rather entertain the audience over blowing up balloons.

Logan and Chris have another tiff when Chris tells Logan to hurry up. Logan wants Chris as far away from her as possible. Logan thinks India has amazing weddings. She was hoping to be apart of one. Blowing up balloons wasn’t what she had in mind. Chris says he’s thinking about getting down on one knee. Logan isn’t the girl that hassles to get married. Chris wants to wait for the right time.

The Amazing Race s27 e10_2

Justin finishes blowing up the balloons first. He takes off on the bike. Justin says driving on a bike through the city is the most dangerous mode of transportation. It’s scary. Justin complains about steering the bike. The balloons are hitting him, and he doesn’t want to pop them. Justin says he lived in New York. The streets of NYC is nothing compared to the streets of India. Meanwhile his partner Diana is back at the bazaar giving the kids temporary tattoos. She’s giving the kids tattoos as little souvenirs. She wants them to remember her. She even gave some adults tattoos.

Logan is having a hard time getting her balloons on the net. Chris feels better, but he’s a little concerned. Logan lectures someone about laughing at her. “It’s not nice!” Chris tries telling Logan to slow down. Logan says Chris is always stressed out. Being sick isn’t making his mood any better. Logan struggles to keep her net untangled. Chris encourages her to go slower. Logan ties the balloons and repeats “a million dollars. It’s for a million dollars.” Chris is off to the side with Krista discussing the UTurn.   

Justin makes it to the wedding planner first, and receives their next clue. He “high speeds” it back to Diana. He’s obnoxious about it. He does yet another “Justin Dance.” He finally calms down enough to read the next clue. They have to make their way to the “Goyal Book Store.” The UTurn will be there.

Joey’s almost done. He’s never worked in a carnival, but he’s thrown water balloons. Tying the balloons is the hard part for him. Joey says (about proposing to Kelsey) someday I’ll slap something on you, and see what happens. How romantic Joey. Joey finishes blowing up the balloons and takes off on the bike. He knows they can’t make any mistakes if they hope to catch up to Justin and Diana. Joey rushes through the road rage, and makes it to the wedding planner. Finally Joey makes it back to Kelsey, and they look for a tutut.

The Cheerleaders arrive at the Road Block. Tiffany gets started while Krista “waits in agony.” Tiffany saw Logan struggling to keep the net straight, so she switched her strategy. Krista tries to encourage Tiffany not to get flustered when Team Alabama arrives. Tiffany has a hard time riding through the streets. Some guy messed up her net, and she had a mini meltdown. When she finally makes it to her destination, she gives the guy a hug. While walking through the streets to their next clue, Krista tells Tiffany not to stick out. Apparently everyone in India carries big backpacks and races through the streets.  

amazing race-s27 e10_1

Team Alabama arrives at the Road Block. James Earl volunteers to be full of hot air. James Earl struggles with the net being tangled. Denise begs Krista not to UTurn them. Krista says she would never do that to them. Denise says it’s so hard to see James Earl struggle. Denise sees the crowded streets. In Alabama everything shuts down at 9pm. When James Earl finally completes it, Denise gives him some much needed encouragement.

Justin and Diana use their UTurn on Chris and Logan. Justin says they’re a tough team, and they want to help their friends. Diana says it’s nothing personal. Justin wanted to save his friends Kelsey, Joey, Krista and Tiffany. Justin says Chris and Logan would’ve UTurned either team. (Yep it’s not about Chris calling Justin a sh*t stirrer.) Joey and Kelsey see they aren’t UTurned. Joey says he’s working with Justin and Diana from here on out. Logan and Chris arrive and see they’ve been UTurned. Logan was afraid of this. Instead of feeling hopeless, they go warp speed to their first Detour. Logan says Justin and Diana have annoyed them since the beginning. Now they UTurned them. They’re (The Green Team) not Logan’s favorite people right now. Chris says they aren’t invited to Miami anytime soon. The Cheerleaders are shocked Justin and Diana UTurned Chris and Logan. Then they were happy it wasn’t them.

Detour ahead. Bring the Groom or Bring the Fun. It’s a Hindu wedding tradition for the groom to travel in style on a white horse. There’s a band behind the groom so while one teammate carries the lights the other teammate has to push a generator. They have to follow the groom to his waiting bride. Then they will receive their next clue. Bring the fun involves entertaining kids at the wedding. They have to deliver a popular carnival ride to the wedding. Then give 8 kids a ride to receive their next clue.  

Justin and Diana choose to Bring The Fun. Justin and Diana check out the ride. They have to make sure the wheels are ok. They start pushing the ride through the streets with little kids following them. Diana spots a wild cow on the side of the road. Justin takes time to appreciate the race, so he doesn’t regret it when it’s all over. They have no problem finding kids to ride. Justin can’t wait to be a dad someday.

amazing race-s27 e10

Kelsey and Joey choose to Bring The Groom. Kelsey and Joey pick a groom, and a wedding party. It’s an old school crank generator. After they get the generator started the band starts playing, and they start walking through the streets. Joey has a hard time pushing the generator. He almost runs over the groom’s horse. Joey was dripping in sweat. He thinks it’s better to be lead through the streets over finding the destination themselves. Joey wants a big elaborate wedding. Kelsey says it won’t be elaborate, and hopefully they won’t be all sweaty. They escort the groom to his bride.

The Cheerleaders choose to Bring the Groom. They fist pumped to meet the wedding party. They struggle and complain about the lights being heavy. I tuned out Krista’s constant complaining after about 2 minutes.

Logan and Chris begin their UTurn with Bring the Fun. They quickly choose a ride to push through the streets. Logan picks the ride she thinks is the smallest. There are kids everywhere. Chris was struggling because he didn’t feel good, and he was dehydrated.  

It was a 3-way competition to stay in the race. The Cheerleaders, The Paparazzi, and Team Alabama all struggled. I was AMAZED. The Paparazzi got through BOTH detours quickly!

After searching the party for Phil, Justin and Diana land once again in first place. They brought some friends with them. They won 5k each. 1 more win to tie the record. 2 more wins to break the record. The Reporters check in second. They’re only behind Justin and Diana by minutes. The Cheerleaders complained about the heavy generators, but they made it to Phil in third place! The Paparazzi got through both detours, and checked in before Team Alabama! Team Alabama struggled, and couldn’t catch up. They checked in last. Team Alabama was eliminated.

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