‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Rewrites Catfish Script: Blames Fans for Her Plight

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Sister Wives is a wrap, but Meri Brown’s catfish casanova continues to lament her lost bronzed love, via her blog. “Sam Cooper,” aka Jackie Overton, continues to mourn, as fans process Mare’s strained  explanation for straying from her polygamist marriage. Mare was snookered and publicly humiliated, but claims little accountability for the damaging mess. Whose fault is it?  Look in the mirror, because Meri Brown blames her fans for shoving her into the virtual path, of a sweet-talking con-artist. Mare stated that after the legal divorce from her husband, Kody, the outside voices simply overwhelmed her into being a naive and needy twit.

“Lots and lots and lots of comments to me were cheering me on, that I had finally left him (Kody). It was all social media. I guess I just kind of got into this vulnerable state, where I was open to friendships and relationships outside my family.”

“…the laughter felt good to me, in my vulnerable state.”

There was no mention of any discussion suggesting that she stay OFF of social media, or to check her discarded loneliness in ways other than trolling the internet for companionship.

Mare was snagged, and engaged in a six month affair, with many salacious details still unexplained by the “Sister Wife.” She allegedly spilled family secrets, and America heard her repeatedly whine her undying love and devotion to “Sam.”Scandalous photos, a fruity accomplice, and dozens to incriminating voicemails tell a story of a passionate and mutual romance. Until….the dreamboat’s female identity was discovered, the story broke, and Mare was forced to come clean…sort of. Meri chose to play the victim card, and continues to play it hard. Social media is teeming with negative  influences, but Mare jumped on that very avenue, to seek support, and share her tale of victimized woe. Her Twitter page is littered with mini-sermons, enlightening us all with her newfound wisdom.     

“No matter the abuse, cyber, emotional, physical, it is still abuse. I WILL stand behind that, and I WILL stand up for all victims!”

“If you’re a victim of abuse of ANY kind, trust your family & those close to you MORE than you fear your abuser. Necessary!”

“Fear tht abusers create causes victims 2 isolate themselves 2 protect other loved 1s & also not be judged.”

“Instilling fear in victims is the 1 & only tool an abuser has 2 hide the fact tht they are actually cowards.”

Mare is taking back her online power, but shirks away from admitting to stepping away from her self-professed beliefs, and falling heart first into a scam. Meri inadvertently exposed what an complete crock of poo the polygamist lifestyle is, and a teary victim sure looks prettier than a desperate, lonely, miserable woman, trolling for a way out.  

Questions remain, and Batfish Jackie will likely continue to thrash for her last moments in the spotlight. In the midst of all the noise, followers of Sister Wives need to wake up, and absorb the fact that Meri Brown blames US for her six-month, shady romp. Mare’s other blatant assumption is her naive belief that her fans will automatically swallow her story of abuse, hook, line, and sinker. A presumption made after she blasted these same people for throwing her into the slimy deep, from the beginning. 

Meri was TRICKED into revealing that she is a love-starved cheater. The abuse claim is something we are just supposed to take her word for…that is, but after we slap ourselves for encouraging her to seek freedom from a reality that visibly  makes her miserable. Mare is writing her script, but choosing to blame the people who made her wet bar a financial reality, is a risky move. Sympathetically leery supporters have hardened, and no longer support a person who runs from culpability, in the face of overwhelming evidence. Meri has spoken, and lots of fans aren’t buying it. Watch out for that scary place called social media Mare because you may not like what you see.   


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