RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “Like Selling Your Soul To The Devil” [Season 31, Episode 10]

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Survivor S31 E10

Previously on Survivor: The tribes merged, and a super alliance was formed. Ciera, Wentworth and Abi (nicknamed by Kimmi “The Witches Coven”) found themselves on the outs. Ciera worked her magic during the reward trip. She used “voting blocks” to work her way up. She got Fishbach onboard to get rid of Wiglesworth. Fishbach convinced Jeremy and Spencer Wiglesworth was a social threat and needed to go. Meanwhile Joe continued to dominate the Immunity Challenges ensuring his continued safety. Fishbach sacrificed immunity to get a special advantage in the game. Jeremy found another idol and named it after his wife. In the end Wiglesworth was blindsided. She secured herself as the third person on the jury.

The tribe makes it back to camp as the rain falls. Jeremy knows he has to smooth things out with his original alliance. He worries if he doesn’t clean things up, they will come after him. Jeremy tries to explain why he left her out of the vote. Tasha explains she was left out of the vote. She goes on to talk about “voting blocks.” She says once you have your numbers, you don’t need anyone else. Tasha says they got 1 opportunity to leave her out of the vote. They used it. No more chances. Joe approaches them as Jeremy smooths things over with Tasha. He asked what happened? Jeremy explains she was in everyone’s business. Joe’s pretty pissed off. He’s trying to keep it together, and not lose his s**t. Joe asked who voted for Wiglesworth. Spencer says “us (Jeremy and Spencer,) and the three girls.” (Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi) Tasha says she’s glad she’s still there, and she understands. Joe knows he needs to win the next immunity. People are coming for him.


A big rainstorm hits Orkun camp. They huddle inside. They try to keep warm. Ciera hates the rain because it keeps her from having one-on-one conversations. She feels like she’s in a decent position in the game.

Keith says people are whining because they’re cold and hungry. He’s there to win a million dollars. He’s not starving to death. He’d sit there for 50 days to win a million dollars. Win do you get a second chance to do something crazy like Survivor? When people ask him if Survivor is fun he says hell no! Going on a cruise is fun. Going fishing is fun.


Unfortunately for the Survivors, the reward challenge is right in the middle of the rain storm. It also involves being in the water. Jeff asks Tasha and Ciera some questions about energy, and the rain. Jeff tells them what they’re winning before explaining the challenge. He gives them a choice. The winning team will be taken out of the rain. They’ll have a roof over their heads. Blankets. Food. The backdrop will be a “Cambodian Circus.” Everyone’s in. They’ll once again be separated into 2 groups. Three people at a time will battle it out for a ball in the middle of the water. They have to work together to get the ball into a floating basketball net. The other team is trying to stop you any way they can. First team to three wins reward.


The teams are Wentworth, Kimmi, and Fishbach and Keith (Green Team) vs. (Pink Team) Tasha, Abi, Spencer, Joe, and Ciera. First round is 2 men 1 woman. Joe, Spencer and Ciera Vs. Jeremy, Fishbach and Wentworth. Jeremy and Joe battle it out. Spencer tries to make a basket, but misses. Jeremy scores the first point for Green Team. Second Round is 2 women 1 man. Kimmi, Keith and Wentworth Vs. Tasha, Abi, and Joe. Kimmi, and Tasha battle for the ball. Wentworth gets it, but Joe takes her down. It’s a cluster you know what. Joe tosses Kimmi to the side like she’s 5 pounds. Abi and Tasha tackle Keith. Joe gets the ball. The girls try to take Joe down, but Joe shoots and scores for Pink. Third Round: Jeremy, Kimmi, and Fishbach Vs. Joe, Ciera, and Spencer. Jeremy gets the ball. Spencer tries, and fails to take him down. Jeremy almost makes it to the basket before heeman Joe takes him down. Jeremy shoots, but misses. Ciera dives for the ball, but Jeremy tackles her. Spencer gets it, and shoots. He gets a basket. PINK-2 points GREEN-1 point. Fourth Round: Joe, Abi, and Tasha Vs. Jeremy, Wentworth, and Kimmi. Kimmi tries to tackle Tasha, but Abi jumps on her back. Jeremy and Joe tackle eachother. Wentworth gets knocked in the face. Tasha and Kimmi battle it out. Abi tackles Wentworth. Kimmi hangs onto Tasha’s feet as she tries to move toward the basket. Tasha breaks free, and shoots the game point. Pink Team wins reward. They hop onto a boat off to their reward. Green Team wins nothing. Ciera once again explains how winning the reward gives her a game advantage.


The Pink Team toasts to their reward. They have blankets around them, and a buffet in front of them. Spencer says he’s been wet for 2 days straight. Winning the reward has never been more important. The Cambodian circus starts. Spencer talks about making bonds. He says it may not be immunity, but it feels like immunity.

Ciera sees a little Cambodian boy. She instantly becomes homesick for her own kids, and husband. She has a little breakdown. When she pulls it together, she gets into gamemode. She thinks it’s a perfect opportunity to make a plan. Ciera starts throwing names out there. Spencer agrees Fishbach is a huge threat, and he has a secret advantage. Ciera says they should completely blindside him. Joe chimes in and says Fishbach is the biggest threat in the game. He’s wanted Fishbach out for awhile, so he loves Ciera’s plan. The 5 of them at the reward challenge will blindside Fishbach.

Back at camp, The Green Team is wet, cold, and miserable. Jeremy tries to give a peptalk. He says it sucks, but they have to push forward. Kimmi says her son has kidney disease. If he can get through that, she can endure the current conditions. All her strength comes from her boys. Keith puts Joe’s shirt on, and the conversation turns to the challenge. They agree Joe’s a big threat. Keith says it wouldn’t bother him if Joe left. He’s a big threat, and he’s winning everything. Wentworth proposes getting rid of Joe. He’s a big threat, and she thinks he’s playing everyone. Wentworth thinks the voting block opened doors for the three girls on the bottom. Fishbach is like HALLELUJAH everyone wants to get rid of Joe finally! Fishbach says he has his hands in a bunch of pots. He has the game advantage. He’s in a good position at the moment. He realizes saying you’re in a good position isn’t smart because it jinxes you. He feels like he has a lot of room to maneuver around. 

Fishbach isn’t doing so hot. He has gastrointestinal issues which makes him use the potty a lot. He complains about being cold and hungry for days. He says tearfully he thinks his body is breaking down. He’s been down for a few days. His stomach is suffering. He wants the sun to come out from a little bit. He says he’s not quitting! Jeremy is worried about his friend. Fishbach has stomach problems, and his feet are swollen. He hopes Fishbach is ok because he needs loyalty around him. Jeremy says Survivor is hard. If they can get warm and dry even for a little bit everything will be ok.

The tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. There’s a twist. Jeff hands them 2 rocks. (Black and White.) If 5 of them agree to give up their chance at immunity, a construction crew will rebuild their shelter. The shelter will be stronger, bigger, and will keep them dry. There will also be a nice fire burning for them. The white rock means they give up their immunity. The black rock means they want to compete in the challenge. Everyone except Keith and Joe give up their shot at immunity. Jeff explains the challenge to them. They will balance on 1 foot on a small block. They have to balance a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. The ball drops- They are eliminated. Last person standing wins. Joe and Keith start competing. Surprise, Surprise Joe wins immunity again.


Fishbach has new hope. The new shelter will not only keep them dry, but it gives them a chance to eat. When they arrive back at camp, the new shelter is done. Abi says it gives her hope. She thinks she can now endure another 13 days. Spencer says when you give up immunity it’s like selling your soul to the devil.

Jeremy, Kimmi, and Fishbach talk about who they want to go home. Fishbach wants Ciera gone. Fishbach says Ciera is dangerous because she’s willing to make big moves. If he gets rid of Ciera, he thinks he can work with Wentworth and Abi.

Ciera asks what the plan is. Joe says the plan is to get rid of Fishbach. Ciera makes Joe promise Fishbach is the next to go. Abi asks “poopy pants?” Joe says yes Stephen. Ciera hopes her plan plays out. She thinks it would be silly not to take Fishbach (and his advantage) out.

Tasha checks in with Spencer. She says “It’s the Ciera Show.” Every move that she’s made is on her resume. Tasha compares Ciera to The Godfather. Ciera has unhinged several groups. She wonders why no one has taken Ciera out to free up her people. (Wentworth and Abi) Tasha says take out Ciera, and the other 2 are up for grabs. Spencer isn’t onboard with this plan. He thinks it’s in his best interest to take out Fishbach.

On the beach Tasha, Spencer, Joe, and Jeremy talk about votes. Joe talks about voting out Fishbach. Jeremy isn’t onboard with this. He needs Fishbach. When Joe asks Tasha her thoughts, she says Ciera is the biggest threat. Joe agrees, but Fishbach’s advantage scares him. Joe is on the fence. Ciera is a big threat, but Stephen has an advantage. The group (Minus Jeremy) agrees to vote out Fishbach. Jeremy says Ciera has no loyalties. Fishbach will stay loyal. Spencer talks about Fishbach making big moves. He has an advantage. It’s a close call. He wants Fishbach gone, but Jeremy wants Ciera gone 100%.


Tribal Council. Jeff asks again about the weather. He asks about the cold. Wentworth calls the cold the worst moment. Fishbach says his lowest point was having stomach problems. When Jeff asks Ciera about giving up immunity for the shelter, she says she just wanted to take one for the team. Tasha says she couldn’t live with herself if she made a selfish decision. Joe says if he put out the white rock, he would be voted out. Fishbach says he has no idea who’s voting what. Jeff asks about Fishbach’s advantage. Tasha says there’s been a lot of talk about it. Jeff talks about more blindsides.

They vote. Jeff asks about the immunity idol. Jeremy decides to play one of his. He saves Fishbach. The tenth person voted out is Ciera.

Everyone gets back to camp. Joe calls Jeremy sneaky. Kimmi calls Jeremy’s move classy. Fishbach says he feels bonded to Jeremy now. He saved his life. They agree to have eachother’s back. Jeremy says “they don’t trust you.” Fishbach says he knows. Jeremy thinks Fishbach will take him to the end. He thinks his move could put a bigger target on his back.

Spencer says it’s a new game everytime they get back from tribal. Jeremy tries to convince Spencer he would use his idol to save Spencer too. Spencer thinks he’s being lied to. It might be time to jump ship, and create something new.

Fishbach is annoyed he’s been so out of the loop. He didn’t see it coming. He thinks he can read something. He thinks he knows the game. He calls himself a know-it-all. Last night he knew nothing. Both seasons he claims he always knows what’s going on. Last night he didn’t. On a different note, Fishbach’s feet look gross. They’re swollen. Joe suggests he dries his feet out. When they’re wet his cuts and bites don’t heal as fast. Stephen thinks his body is falling apart. (again)

Their first night reward challenge. Jeff is going to tell them a story about Cambodian history. They’ll race into the jungle where there will be a question and 3 answers. When they think they know the answer, they grab a medallion and run back to the start. If their answer is correct, their medallion will be gold. If their answer is wrong their medallion will be wood. They have to toss it into the fire and head back. First person answer all 5 questions correctly wins reward. The winner will be picked up at their beach by a chopper. The chopper will take them to a resort. There will be steak, chicken wings, the works. Fishbach wins reward. He chooses to take Tasha, and Jeremy with him. Spencer sees how tight Fishbach is with Jeremy and Tasha. He thinks he has to do something about it.

Back at camp everyone congratulates Fishbach on his win. He says running on his “monster feet” was hard. Keith joked he ran like a deer. Wentworth says she didn’t win, but she picked up and idol clue. Wentworth reads her clue. Under their shelter, there’s an immunity idol. She has to “pick the right time to make a bold move.” Wentworth wants to wait until tomorrow because 3 people will be on reward. 3 less bodies to worry about.

The chopper picks up Jeremy, Tasha, and Fishbach. Fishbach says the game is crazy. He wanted to bring his 2 biggest allies with him. He wants to make his bonds with them stronger. Jeremy playing his idol to save him proves there’s still trust in the game. Fishbach says Tasha was his first allies, but she wrote his name down. He has to fix their relationship. Fishbach tells them what his advantage is. They agree as soon as Joe loses he has to go.

Back at camp Abi asks about Fishbach, Tasha, and Jeremy’s bond. Kimmi says Fishbach is repaying Jeremy for using the idol. Keith says you would have to be blind not to see their bond. Joe says Fishbach threw himself out there and didn’t know it. (By taking Tasha and Jeremy to reward) Joe’s worried about Fishbach, Joe, Kimmi, and Tasha’s connection. After Kimmi takes off in the jungle they make a plan. Spencer says they need to get rid of Fishbach. Abi worries about Fishbach’s advantage. Abi’s trying hard to trust the people closest to him, but Joe and Spencer are sketchy. The plan is Fishbach/Tasha. If Fishbach’s advantage saves him, Tasha will go.

Wentworth is great with their plan. Her goal is to get the idol. She waits till Spencer and Joe take off fishing. Keith and Kimmi go catch snails, and crabs. Abi is the only person left. She won’t leave camp. Wentworth has to figure out how to get rid of her before the others come back. Finally Abi goes to hang out in the hammock. Wentworth gets her opportunity. Wentworth climbs under the shelter, and grabs the idol before everyone comes back.

2nd Immunity Challenge. Using only their feet, they will untie a rope. Blocks will be released. They have to again use only their feet to stack the blocks and place a flag in the middle. Everyone is doing well. Except for Fishbach. He has feet problems. Spencer wins immunity!

Fishbach is almost giddy Joe is up for elimination. He’s been try to take out Joe since the beginning. He’s won immunity after immunity. Now’s their chance. Fishbach brings up Joe to the others. Everyone agrees Joe is a big threat. They agree to take out Joe now. If Joe asks say they’re voting Abi. Wentworth says Stephen, Jeremy, Kimmi, and Tasha are voting out Joe. That’s not her plan. Wentworth has 5 people. (Keith, Wentworth, Abi, Joe, and Spencer) She wants to blindside Fishbach. Wentworth and Spencer break it to Joe, the others want to target him. He’s relying on his social game. He hopes they stick to blindsiding Fishbach.

Abi asks Fishbach what the plan is, he tells her Joe. Abi says that sounds awesome. Abi goes kind of crazy on Fishbach. She asks what he wants from her. Fishbach says Abi is voting for Joe, and Joe is voting for Abi. Fishbach says Abi’s insane. She suspicious of everyone. He then tries to convince Joe (who already knows Fishbach’s plan) the plan is to vote for Abi. Later on, Wentworth tries to confirm the plan to blindside Fishbach with Abi. She gives a smart answer like “whoever’s a bigger threat.” Spencer also tries to talk to Abi. Spencer admits blindsiding Stephen is a big risk.

Tribal #2. Jeff asks about trust. Tasha says the voting block may not be the most effective. She’s looking for people to lock it in with. Fishbach uses his advantage. He steals Joe’s vote. He uses one vote on Abi and the other on Joe. Using his advantage didn’t help. Fishbach was blindsided. 2 tribals. 2 blindsides. This season is very interesting.

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