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‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Timing and Shady Discrepancies Pollute Meri Brown’s Catfish Truth

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The Sister Wives Tell-All episode clunked like a lead balloon, with Meri Brown barely able to stammer out a half-convincing story of fishy torment,  to a skeptical viewing audience. Jackie Overton is a shady nightmare, not a dreamboat named “Sam,” and we all watched  Meri verbally scramble to cover her white-stitched, cheating butt. She claimed that she was forced into vulnerability, and was preyed upon as a threatened and terrorized victim. The Brown women responded, almost raising their united fists in a “solidarity sister” public pronouncement of hardcore support. Mare’s truth has been announced, yet questions remain.  Viewers who have followed the story closely, want the Browns to answer for ALL of the puzzle pieces, not just a pre-selected few. Much can be explained, when one considers the approximate filming date, of this tell-some episode.

Kody commented that he learned of Catfish Jackie about three weeks prior to the sit-down with Tamron Hall.  The breakup occurred at the end of August, and Robyn was allegedly told sometime in early September, so we can assume that her pillow partner, Kody, found out at the same time. That would have landed the filming of the sit-down sometime in the last week of September. All About the Tea dished the dirt in real time, and blasted all evidence within a day of receiving it, or “Sam” exposing it. The Browns would not have yet been privy to much of the incriminating evidence against Sister Mare.    

On September 25th we published the first eleven emails and a letter written in handwriting that the Browns would have presumably recognized. These would be the probable voicemails referred to by Hall. The eleventh voicemail was a doozy, but was added hours after the original story posted, and may have been overlooked. “Sam’s” blog where the emails were posted, was just a few beats ahead of us. The ten original messages were tame, next to what was still to be released.

What was exposed AFTER the likely concluded interview? On September 28th, we released the first barrage of photos, but not the big yellow kahuna.  Did Tamron Hall IGNORE the photos…or did she just dodge the bullet, and barely miss the dirty tea? This date also marks the voicemail release where we hear Meri expressing what she “wants” from “Sam,” labeling their relationship as “passionate.” 

On October 6th, we published a message with Meri’s voice admitting to “being intimate” with “Sam,” and a comment about “laying with” him.   Other messages indicated that she and “Sam” had arranged a rendezvous, in Utah. The next day we exclusively dropped the banana bomb, with the most provocative photos yet, pics that would have remained undiscovered before the family interview. On October 23rd, Mare voice expresses a desire to have “Sam’s” baby. In late October Meri was heard begging “Sam” to not “give up,” and to keep his promises to her.  We hear Meri reiterating that “Sam” is whom she wants, and that she is taking steps to make  her wish a reality.  Mare also disses Kody, and even curses with righteous conviction, about her desire to be with “Sam.” This evidence would not have been in play, during Hall’s softball interview. We can only assume that Mare stuck to her “SamLindsay” made her do it excuse, every time a new nugget of incriminating evidence was released. 

The interview also pointed to odd discrepancies, expressed by the family. Meri confessed to being snookered by a woman posing as a man, but referred to the catfish as a “he” throughout the interview. While TLC identified the catfish’s moniker, “Sam,” Meri did not.  Janelle and Kody both referred to one accused perpetrator in the plural, using phrases like “these people, these creeps, and these freaky people.” Even Meri herself tagged her catfish scammer as “this person, these people, or whoever it is.” Janelle, Kody and Christine acted as though they barely had a grip on the core facts of the case. How much did Meri actually tell her family? 

Kody spoke soft words of limited understanding, but maintained a hardened scowl as Meri spilled her tears.  Kody’s response of “so what,” and his conclusion that Mare engaged in simply a “flirt,” revealed either chosen ignorance, a deep level of detachment, or both. Kody expressed utter cluelessness at the definition of  “emotional infidelity.” Kody preaches “spiritual marriage” but is baffled by “emotional infidelity?” Meri blamed fans for shoving her helplessly into the tagline, “a vulnerable state,” but ignored the divorce discard that was the obvious catalyst. This looked like a family simply in frantic, paycheck guarding, damage control mode.  None of them appeared to even solidly understand what had gone on, and their crisscrossing statements exposed gaps in comprehension, and/or strategy. What are they saying now on the cult-de-sac, as Jackie continues to rant her scorned-lover tales of woe? Was Meri just keeping her fingers crossed, hoping that  spinning a partial disclosure would do the trick? Sorry, Mare. 


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