RECAP: The Walking Dead “Heads Up” [Season 6, Episode 7]

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GLENN LIVES! HE LIVES! The theory that he crawled under the dumpster as Nicholas was being devoured was un-dead on! Glenn creates a “walker barrier” by dropping the walkers reaching under the dumpster for him, covering the open areas.  He faces toward a long gone Nicholas, whose open eyes stare at him.  By morning the walkers are gone and Alexandria’s own wandering waif, Enid, calls to him from the top of the building next to the dumpster. Give throws a bottle of water to a thirsty Glenn, but it cracks when he doesn’t hear her “heads up” call until too late.  He follows her inside the building. From the shadows she offers him another bottle of water and begs him to be on his way.  He is Glenn so he doesn’t leave. She tells him about people invading the community, but can’t give him news about Maggie.  She runs and he chases after her.  On one hand, I am THRILLED he survived. On the other hand, I feel cheated that other beloved characters faced a brutal end, with no miracles in sight (Tyreese).  At least Glenn won’t return home to see his name on the memorial wall, thanks to Aaron and Maggie – who is waiting for him on top of the lookout wall, watching the road she believes her husband will take home to her and the baby.  As Maggie and Rick talk about Glenn’s eventual return, Maggie tells him how much she thinks Judith is beginning to look like Lori, and how happy that makes her.  “Me Too,” replies Rick.  I’m waiting for the day someone says Judith looks like Rick, too. 


As Glenn continues searching for Enid, he finds a turned David, puts him down, and takes the note David left for his wife.  Glenn continues his journey home, or what’s left of it, still planning to find and take Enid with him.  Despite the defeat of the wolves, there is still a battle going on in Alexandria.  Rick, on the way to teach Ron to shoot, callously rips down Fr. Gabriel’s flyers announcing a prayer circle.  Ron is silent regarding Rick’s actions, Carl expresses his disapproval.  Ron is eager to fire the gun, and ultimately suggests that now is not the time to waste bullets when Rick seems less than eager to give them to him.  Elsewhere, Morgan shows up at the clinic and starts chatting with Denise, who suspects he is hurt.  I suspect he wants help for the wolf he has captured.  Rick finally has the chat with Morgan he asked for earlier in the day.  He tells him about being ambushed by the wolves at the RV.  He, Michonne and Carol ask Morgan if he let any of those people go and Morgan tells him that he did. Morgan reminds Rick that he didn’t kill him during the time when he lost his mind and attacked Rick back in King County. Rick responds by telling him that he knew who Morgan was, that’s why he didn’t do it.  Morgan tells them about being conflicted and not knowing what’s right any more. He wanted to kill the wolves after what they did and would keep doing, but he knows people can change – each of them has and he believes that, “All life is precious.” He tells them it’s that belief that brought him back and keeps him living.  Michonne tells him he may have to change his and that things aren’t as simple four words and probably never were.  When asked if he should leave, Rick asks him if he believes he can survive now without getting blood on his hands. He says he doesn’t know.  I see Morgan leaving, soon, and coming back as a walker – this is a world for warriors, now. ::sad face:: 


The church’s walls continue cracking as Rick and Michonne make a plan to draw the walkers away.  Rick wants to give everyone a chance to catch their breath.  She tells him that they are catching their breath, now, everything else is just excuses.  A hopeful Deanna comes along to show Rick the plans for future expansion.  He doesn’t seem to know whether to be hopeful or frightened.  The other frightened citizen, Eugene, is learning hand-to-hand combat from Rosita, with a group of Alexandrians. She asks him what he’s afraid of after he comments about being concerned about the people around him in open-toe shoes while he wields a machete. When he cringes to the sound of the walkers she tells him to stop being afraid – the only thing to be afraid of is living while others around him die because he knows that he didn’t do everything he could to keep them here.  Wait until she realizes that Abraham didn’t miss her as much as she is missing him.  She is less than sympathetic when an embarrassed Eugene walks away.


Glenn, of course, catches up to Enid instead of going back to his wife and child.  She is less than happy to see him.  She tells him that they are not friends and she is not friends with his wife, when he says he is taking Enid back for Maggie, who wouldn’t want him to leave her.  To prove her point, she pulls a gun when he, again, tells her he is taking her home. Wife. Baby.  Bullshit.  Go home, Glenn. You are getting a second chance and that doesn’t happen for many  in the new world. Glenn refuses to believe she will shoot him and takes the gun from her. She reluctantly agrees to follow. At home, Rick is adding more support to the “bleeding  wall” and is joined by Tobin who later tells Rick that he scared everyone when he first arrived, with that beard and especially since he seemed to see things, lurking around the corners, that others didn’t see. Tobin asks Rick not to give up on them.

Enid kills a walker and snarks when Glenn seems to disapprove. She snarkily asks if his wife wouldn’t have wanted her to kill it.  She takes balloons from the side of the road.  Glenn shows her a tank with more string and balloons and as she inflates them, we learn that she lived with Olivia and doesn’t think of Alexandria as her home.  Glenn tells her he understand that she is afraid of losing others.  She denies it and tells him she doesn’t need a lecture. He tells her to honor the dead by going on since they didn’t get to and that waving a gun wouldn’t have made her parents happy. She tells him that they don’t have to talk. Her “boyfriend” back home is in the midst of another form of disobedience. He creates a mess in the pantry to distract from his actions of stealing bullets from the armory.  #FreshHell. 

As they reach home, they see that the community has been surrounded. Enid tries to run. The world is trying to die, she says, they should just let it.  Glenn tells her she’s wrong, he won’t let the world, or her die. She tells Glenn his wife will forgive him for letting her die. Glenn tells her HE wants her to live, it’s not just about Maggie.  He reminds her that the walls are up and the houses are standing.  Just then, Rick sees Spencer heading out on a rope he’s thrown from the inner wall to the outer wall.  Unfortunately, the rope gives way and Spencer almost becomes walker food.  Rick, Tobin, and later Morgan pull him to safety while Tara drops below the wall, onto an outer support beam, to shoot the walkers attacking him.Later, Rick yells at Tara for risking her life.  She gives him the finger and Michonne gives him a dirty look. FINALLY!  Rick is king, but someone needs to remind him that he is not God.  Spencer tells them that he wanted to get to a car to draw the walkers away, bemoaning the loss of a shoe (he really isn’t ready for the hero life).  Rick tells Spencer to help out by not making them run to save him, bring his ideas to him, first.  Spencer doesn’t believe Rick would have listened to him. 


Back at the infirmary, Morgan and Denise are talking, again.  She shows him her medical “cheat sheet” ,fearing it will lessen his faith in her – it does not.  He asks about antibiotics and dressing an infected wound and tells her it is not for him but he doesn’t want to get her involved.  She goes with him to find out what the mystery is.  Carol follows them, Judith on one arm, a gun on her other hip.  She watches where they go and then begs Jessie help to take Judith while she “goes to stand watch” (even Carol’s lies are about her doing something badass).  Sam, still upstairs, calls to Carol to ask what happens if “you can’t live with it.” She tells him that she already told him that it eats you up.  He wants to know if his dad became a monster, like those people (the wolves) because he killed someone.  Carol tells him that the only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is to kill. (She should not run a daycare, to be sure. We learned that back at the prison).  Carol later knocks on Morgan’s door to ask what’s in the cell.

It turns out Rick isn’t Ron’s target, his newly loaded gun is meant for Carl – holding it while following Carl around town.  Still working on the wall, Rick apologizes to Tara, who says that she wasn’t thinking about saving Spencer, she just did it.  When Deanna thanks him for saving Spencer, he tells her to thank Tara – and we find out she already did.  Rick goes into a rare “full asshole” mode confronts Deanna about her son’s stupidity, telling her he could have gotten a car while the walkers were eating Spencer but didn’t. She doesn’t buy his answer that he saved Spencer just because he was her son.  Just as things look hopeful as Glenn and Enid’s balloons float overhead to showing they are alive (that he is alive), the steeple cracks, falls, and takes the rest of the church and the wall in front of it down, too.  I need to be hooked up to an ECG while watching this show.  My heart can’t take this season.



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