Porsha Williams Talks Duke Williams’ Break Up and Cynthia & Peter’s Marriage Issues

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On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen had more guests than he could handle. Ja Rule brought his mother and mother-in-law to tend bar and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams showed off her breasteses—which by my count, is three guests in one. Those girls were on parade.

Andy started the night by asking about Kenya Moore’s hair product launch party. According to Porsha, those pretty bottles were really filled with nothing but water, and it was so hot at the venue, Porsha’s makeup and hair were a mess by the time Kenya made her grand entrance.

We got a teaser for next week’s episode, where we find Cynthia Bailey and Porsha fighting for reals on a boat. Not a small fishing boat (although that would have been highly entertaining) but more of a booze cruise-type watercraft. I don’t know what they were fighting about, but when Porsha waved her hand near Cynthia’s perfect cheekbone, it was on.

During the night, Porsha became adamant that her ass is real and “cornbread fed” while Ja Rule claimed the best part about prison was the weight room. Oh, and he’s still in a cold war with 50 Cent.

When a caller asked Porsha how she and Kenya are getting along, apparently they’re on speaking terms. But they’ not above throwing a little shade now and again. Could we expect anything less? 

And as you know, Porsha got her first colonic on tonight’s episode (though why Bravo thinks we find colonics and Brazilian waxes charming to watch, I have no idea). In celebration of cleaning out the pipes, a caller asked what Housewife was most full of it. Porsha immediately threw Kenya under the bus, but in a surprising twist, she also thought Ramona Singer was batshit crazy. Then she exclaimed how excited she was for the new franchises in Dallas and the “Plotomac.” When Andy tried to explain it’s Potomac, she replied, “Where the hell is that?” Oh, Porsha. Sometimes, you make me so sad.

Is Porsha still with Duke? Porsha talked about her current status with Duke Williams and says what Duke thought about the episode involving his surprise party.

Next up: game time. Andy had Ja Rule’s mom/mom-in-law recite nasty lyrics, and Porsha had to guess whether they were penned by Ja Rule himself. Rule’s mom even tried to school Andy on the “shoulders to toes” sexual position—complete with hand gestures! Terms such as “yanking braids” and “put the puss on layaway” were spouted with confidence by these two ladies. They were seriously the best part of the show. They spouted off their opinions while sipping on their cocktails. Can we have them back every week? Please?

Finally, a caller asked Porsha whether Cynthia and Peter will make it through the tough times or get a divorce. She said that marriage was worth fighting for. The two moms agreed. ’Nuff said.


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