Porsha Williams Won’t Let Haters Bring Down Her Relationship “I Was Really Upset with Each Person”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is reminding me of the Wizard of Oz this season. Cynthia Bailey needs courage to deal with her straying husband, Peter. Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore look at their unfinished houses and keep repeating, “There’s no place like home.” And Porsha Williams needs a brain. Fortunately, she has business partners in her new venture, Naked Lingerie, who can do the thinking for her. 

“I’ve put a lot of money into Naked Lingerie, so it has to be successful and at this point. I’m so pleased with the line and I’m so excited to share each piece with everybody. Each piece was handpicked by me, and I really make sure that each piece is specific to a different body type.”

As for her marketing plan:

“We’ve been preparing for a big photo shoot we’re having, and for the photo shoot I decided to choose regular women, regular business women in Atlanta who don’t normally model. But I have decided to put them into the photo shoot and have them wear the clothes.”

Clothes are good. I highly recommend them. But why these women aren’t wearing the lingerie, I have no idea.

Anyhoodle, we all know Porsha is crazy about her new man, Duke. Her business partners? Not so much.

“…I feel like when I’m in a relationship, I’m at my best… If your personal life is good and you have a solid support system at home, you can go conquer the world. So, I really didn’t understand what they [business partners] were saying. I think they were coming from a place of what would happen if I break up with that individual, and that could possibly be true.”

Um, it is true. And speaking of the now dethroned Duke, Porsha is shocked, shocked I say, that her friends are gossiping about his penchant for transsexual strippers. Yeah, because everyone is just going to let that go.

“…I didn’t know all that gossiping was going on. Later when I found out, I was pissed. …I put a lot into that freaking party. …And later on when I see all this negative energy was in his party, I was really upset with each person, and I had to talk to each individual about how I felt.”

Does that include Duke, I wonder?

But onto bigger and better things, Porsha’s sister is preggers.

“I was in shock. Because I had noticed little things, for instance we used to meet a couple times a week…then it had turned into just phone calls, and I felt like she was trying to hide something…  So when I finally found out that she was pregnant, I was like, “It all makes sense!” It just made sense.”

Indeed. So do you think Porsha’s new lingerie line will be a hit or a miss?


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